3 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes by Beginners

People constantly make mistakes when  cleaning   carpets  because they watch their  carpets  getting dirty for years and try to solve the entire problem in one day. The fact of the matter is, if you neglect your  carpets  then the dirt will build up and create dirty  carpets . Quick vacuuming jobs twice per month will not keep your  carpets   clean  for years. As you neglect them more and more you’ll lose years off of the life of your  carpets  when  cleaning  them regularly could have pushed out the cost of new  carpets  by an additional five years.

Scrubbing stains

When something spills on  carpet  people like to panic. When people panic in a fire drill chaos happens and the situation is worse than just a fire. Now people are trampling all over each other causing more injuries than the fire itself. Don’t panic and start scrubbing the stain into the  carpets  with a bundle of paper towels in your hand. Be smart. First scoop the solid into a bag without spreading the spill. Then spray the stain with a stain-fighting formula and blot the stain with paper towels.

Scrubbing it will never take more out, it rubs more in. Once you thoroughly clean the stain solids and liquids run a vacuum over it a few times. Repeat the process for two or three days until it’s gone or call for professional help as soon as possible. Don’t look at the stain for a month hoping it will go away, call a professional to get rid of it.

Using magic formulas

If you have a stain that you can’t remove and you’ve “tried everything in the book” then stop trying and call a professional. If you couldn’t clean it the first ten times with your magic online formulas that clean any stain from chocolate to wine then it’s not going to work the eleventh time either. It’s time to stop wasting your time and call a professional. It will cost money, but make the most of it. Ask them for tips while they’re in your home and you’re paying them. They will be willing to give you some quick advice because you’re paying for their services.

Not taking action

Looking at the stain every day and complaining about it is making the situation worse. The longer it sits there the harder it gets to remove. Take action immediately. Use paper towels, warm water and soap until the mess is clean. Then use stain remover if it’s still visible, and if those methods don’t work within a few days, you should seek professional help.

If you spill oil on your hand you’re going to stay in the bathroom until the stain is gone. You’re not going to look at it for three days and then try to clean it because it will be too engrained into your skin. You should take the same action on your  carpet  if you really care about removing the stain.  Clean  your  carpets  on a regular basis to keep their original shine as long as possible.

Source by Chris G Bell

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