A Carpet Cleaning Business – "How Much Money Can I Make?"

Before starting a carpet cleaning business the biggest question is the same question everyone has when starting any business, "how much money can I make?" Here is a simple review of how much you could possibly make cleaning carpets.

Most carpet cleaning business owners know that there are only two methods of bidding, footage and flat rate. Footage has been the "norm" for many who have opted for the franchise ownership, and not because they chose to, but because they had to. Making money when starting your own carpet cleaning business can be done by a flat rate.

A flat rate in bidding can have its downside however, for those of us who have been dong this for a long time understand that some homes can have very large rooms. For those that go by footage will have the upper hand, but then again those who have a flat rate the customer will know what they are going to pay for each room and find this to be an advantage … and this is the advantage to you. A flat rate can help during harder economic times as well, when people are not purchasing new carpets and upholstery, they are looking for a low cost way of upkeep.

Flat rates can be set to prices for example as: $ 60 for the first two rooms and hallway and $ 25 dollars for each room after that. This is simple and effective.

With the flat rate pricing on average during a solid day of work, with 3 three room homes, would make you the carpet cleaning business owner a take home of $ 255 dollars for a day that started at 9am and end around 2pm give or take an hour averaging about $ 50 dollars an hour, and the average is nearly $ 75 an hour. This particular business can be a solid way of creating an income even in a down economy. Making money with carpet cleaning has been one of the top businesses with a high return on investment and a great way to beat any economy.

Source by David James Boozer

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