A Carpet Cleaning Guide

Taking care of the house involves ensuring that the carpets are regularly cleaned. However, carpet cleaning that involves removing spills, stains, pet urine and spills can be a very hard task for a few people. However this should not be the case.

First, one should learn the type of material the carpet is made of. Apart from varying colors and designs, carpets also differ in terms of quality and other features. After checking and knowing the features of the carpet, one can now select the most appropriate cleaning solution and material needed during carpet cleaning. There are carpet cleaners that are specially made for different types of carpet fabrics. Some of these cleaners may require machines to be used, while others are easily prepared for home use.

Powder cleaners are cleaners that are in powder form, and which are scattered all over the carpet during clean-up. After scattering the powder, the cleaner should wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This is to enable the granules to trap all the humidity and dirt on the carpet. Then the carpet is left to dry for 15 to 20 minutes before vacuuming to remove all the dirty powder. Scented powder cleaners can also be used on carpets with a filthy odor

Foam cleaners can also be used to clean the carpet. The foam cleaners are in two forms, there is foam cleaner for residential use and another for professional use. Residential foam cleaners are easy to use; the cleaner just adds water to the foam and then applies directly onto the carpet or rug. After drying up, the carpet can be vacuumed to remove all the dirt. Whereas, professional foam can be applied using machines, it is a more cost effective way of carpet cleaning. This is because the foam is brushed deeply into all parts of the carpet, removing all the dust and dirt completely.

Spin pads or bonnet cleaners are also used to clean the carpet, since it uses a clean-up form of shampoo and an absorbent padding. The cleaner just applies the cleaning shampoo onto the carpet, and then rubs using an absorbent padding. Bonnet cleaners can clean thoroughly clean the outer part of the carpet, though it may not clean out the e dust and dirt trapped in the inner parts of the carpet. Additionally, shampoo cleaners are the most popular form of carpet cleaners but the least efficient of all other cleaners. This is because shampoo cleaners tend to only clean the outer parts of the carpet. Besides, regular use of shampoo cleaners can weaken the carpet's quality.

Apart from the foam cleaners, steam cleaning is effective as well. Steam cleaning can be performed by pouring some hot water onto the carpet; this removes all the dust and dirt. Consequently, a vacuum cleaner is then used to remove any dirt that was left behind. To protect the environment against harsh solutions and chemicals, the cleaner may decide to use carpet cleaning products that are environmental safe to clean the carpet. Additionally using environmental friendly products for a commercial clean-up service can be appreciated by business clients. Eco -friendly products do not just preserve the environment but also protect pets and human health.

Source by Rob Hillman

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