A Homeowner’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning Solutions

There has been a lot in the news these days about allergens and bacteria infecting our homes. This is perfectly understandable, really. It seems that every time we get over some kind of super bug, another one has found it’s way into our society. Because of these concerns, we’re seeing more and more products of the anti-bacterial and disinfectant variety. One area of the home that seems to get particularly dirty is the carpet. This is due to the fact that all the allergens and bacterial molecules in the air eventually find their way down – into the core of your carpet. This is also where dust and dirt seem to end up. Most carpet manufacturers recommend a thorough cleaning once a year. Vacuuming does a good job of cleaning the surface of your carpet but it doesn’t dig deep – and certainly can’t be called a “thorough cleaning”. For this, you should turn to a carpet steam cleaner.

Now, most people don’t bother buying these machines. They are, after all, only really used once a year. This is why the carpet cleaning rental is such a popular item at supermarkets and hardware stores. Knowing which carpet cleaning machine to rent is just half the battle though. What about the solution? There are, like, a zillion different types so it’s tough to know where to start. Well, hopefully this article can help you out. There are basically three different things that you need to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning solution.

The most obvious thing to do is simply select a product that shares the same brand name as the machine you’ve chosen. This is usually a pretty safe bet. Carpet cleaner manufacturer’s understandably test their own machines with their own solutions. It makes sense than, that a Rug Doctor machine will work well with a Rug Doctor solution. This doesn’t completely solve your problem though. You see, most manufacturers have a variety of different solutions – all for specific situations. Rug Doctor, for example, has dozens of different cleaning products that can all be used in their popular machine. The same can be said of Bissell and their Green Machine line of products.

So there are other things you need to consider. What type of carpet do you have? It’s fairly well known that wool carpets are more sensitive than standard nylon ones. If your carpet is wool, you should look for a cleaning solution that has a fairly low Ph balance. Something between a 6 and an 8 is ideal. Nylon carpets can handle a lot more. Some of the newer carpets on the market are known as “Stain Resistant”. These products are coated with a special set of chemicals that help your carpet fight off stains. Make sure that the solution you select is OK with these types of carpets. You don’t want to negatively affect it’s stain fighting capabilities.

The final thing I like to consider before choosing a solution revolves around the environment and health. Basically, anything that’s good and safe for the earth is also healthy for your family. There was a time when carpet cleaning solutions were loaded with all sorts of toxic chemicals that could potentially harm children or small dogs. Most of the companies that make these liquids have come around but it’s still worth doing a bit of homework. Read a few reviews on the Internet and make sure that the solution you’re considering doesn’t contain any perchloroethylene or naphthalene.

If you can put a check mark beside environment, type of carpet and brand name, you know you’ve found an appropriate solution.

Source by William J Craig

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