All That Really Matters

I walk into the court with trepidation. I can not read the presiding officer's face. There are no signs to show whether or not he will be sympathetic to my cause. His face looked blank and I did not like that. His eyes gave nothing away and this made me more nervous. It was too late for fear anyway. I was standing right in front of him and ready to state my case.

Background info first. In August of 2010, my son and I had a crash that left my car completely wrecked. I was praying for a new car but did not realise that I was going to get one that way. But to God be the glory. I was making a left turn to the library where I take my son to after school each day but this car came speeding from nowhere and swiped ours which in turn hit another car. It was a terrible sight. I looked to see if my son was okay. He had a slight cut on his upper lip. I then noticed the 3 passengers in the other car all sitting and holding one part or the other of their anatomy. I looked at myself and my son who were the worst hit (their jeep had a slight dent on the bumper – mine was completely destroyed) and wondered why they were the ones looking all damaged by the accident when their car just barely had a dent) it was then that I realised their game plan and knew they were looking to make some money out of this.

I spoke to the police officer who came on the scene and he told me that since I was making the left turn, technically, I was wrong. There was no way I could win this case. I was crushed and was not too pleased because that meant that my insurance premium would go up. And expectedly, soon after, a letter came in the mail saying that I was being surcharged. My insurance company sent me a letter too saying they would not cover me anymore after my policy ends. I was really devastated because all it meant was more money down the drain. I did not know how to defend myself. I did not know how to win a case like this when technicalities like that put you in the wrong. And so it was with all this running through my mind that I went in to face the hearing officer.

I sat there and prayed silently. My insurance company representative (who was not on my side in this case) was there and told the hearing officer that the other individuals had actually and already sued them and won (this of course did not please them because they had to pay a big sum to these people on account of the accident). My heart sank further as I realised the implication of that statement. There was no way I could win.

I stated my case and half the time, did not know what I was saying. I felt I was rambling. Finally, I was done and informed that I would be hearing from them soon.

I stumbled out of the place and wished I had made a better case. I remembered a lot of things I should have said. All, after the fact. I went home feeling really sad. My son, ever attentive and loving, noticed and tried his best to console me. Of course I had to snap out of it. I think I was more upset that these people were getting away with defrauding the insurance company when they knew they were wrong. But because I could not prove it, I would be penalised.

There are times in life where you do not know where to start from stating your case. You listen in disbelief as you are castigated and wonder where God is.

You do not have to look far however as He is right there. And all that you have to endure is for a purpose. Sometimes, it might just be simply to remind you that He indeed is God. The God of the impossible. He is the one who stands for you when everything and everyone around you is going mad. Evil can be perpetuated in the guise of goodness but ultimately Jehovah shows up. Just like He did in this case which I thought was hopeless.

Two weeks after the hearing, I received the expected mail. I looked at it and decided not to open it until after I had had my lunch – did not want anything to spoil it for me. I ate gingerly, savoring every morsel of food. When I was done, I then opened the letter and fell to my knees when I eventually made sense of what I was reading. The case had been vacated. I was not going to be surcharged!

My praises went up to heaven. I laughed, I cried. I praised Him. I did not have any proof. I did not have any tangible evidence, but

I knew I was speaking the truth. That, God honoured and blessed and made true in the ears of the presiding officer.

I went before him with nothing but a prayer that the truth be ministered unto him even though I had nothing to back me up on it.

I must have sounded like a fool when I kept repeating to the police officer that the fact that I made the left turn did not mean I was wrong. But the other driver capitalized on this technicality and got a settlement which he may have to cough out now.

I marvel at the mercy of God. His grace.

I lay in bed that night looking unto heaven and confirming for the umpteenth time that when you can not prove your case, the Alpha and Omega can. And He will. No matter how long it takes. That is all that really matters.

Source by Vivian Molokwu

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