Basement Moisture Causes Mold Growth

If basements get a water leak in it or wetness that is caused by something else like moisture, it can cause mold growth. Mold can start to grow within 48 hours after any water leak or wetness has been caused. You may not see it but it can or will be there hiding from you somewhere in your home. Mold can only grow if there is moisture or wetness in the area. If the areas in your home are dry, mold cannot grow, and you will not get harmed from it. It is a nasty mess of fungus that can grow in homes, buildings, outside, or anywhere it wants to. It spreads and reproduces.

This will cause major damage, and the professionals have to remove it for you so it will not harm you. Mold can appear anywhere if it is not dried and cleaned. It will get worse and the cost to remove it and the repairs for the damage it has done will be higher, too. If moisture becomes or gets worse, the mold will spread to other parts of the house or other places in the basement. You will be able to tell there is mold by the odor in the air because all you have to do is smell it. The odor can smell like moldy must or worse than that. The moisture or wetness can release it in the air, causing it to grow under things like carpets and appliances, in the air vents, and in your things.

When mold appears, it will look like black spots all over everything and it can stain walls, clothes, under carpets, or anything for that matter. Sometimes mold can be very hard to get out depending on what the mold has grown on and how bad it has gotten. Mold grows on paper like on drywall, books, documents, and other things that have paper on it. It feeds on it to live and grow. It can make them weak, fall apart, or slowly deteriorate the longer it will set, so if you think you have it, get your house checked out and make sure that you have mold damage insurance on your home.

You have to keep your basements dry at all times or this can happen in your home. You also have to make sure you have no leaks in your basement. You need to check your basement every so often to make sure you have no leaks whether it is from the water pipes or whether the leak is coming from the outside by rain or a flood around the house. You can put a dehumidifier to keep the moisture out of the air so it will not affect your things and your home. Also make sure the water pipes are not old because that can start a leak and cause water to drip on the floors or run down the walls.

Source by Aydan Corkern

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