Berber Carpet Cleaning: How to Clean Your Carpets Properly

Despite the fact that it is mandatory to clean carpets from time to time, most people are completely unaware of the right way to do it. Everybody could use a few tips for better carpet cleaning. Knowing the right way to do it can make the job a lot easier. There are many ways to clean carpets, first of all because there are so many types of carpets, and second of all because there are so many products available for carpet cleaning. some of which can be misleading about the results you will get. It does not matter whether you decide to use a home made, natural product, or get one from the store, you want to do the job in as short a time as possible. Here is how to make this process as fast. easy and as painless as possible.

You need to know the kind of carpet you are dealing with, surprisingly, most people do not. You have to determine if the carpet is made of synthetic materials, or a natural fiber such as wool. You should try to get the manufacturers directions about how to clean the carpet properly. You risk ruining the carpet if you use chemicals on it that are too harsh and will ruin it or make the colors run or fade. It is highly recommended to clean your carpets with non chemical products; this will reduce the chance of ruining the colors. You should always clean stains on a carpet as soon as they occur. Blot up the stain as best you can. without scrubbing, since scrubbing can make the stain set and will tear the fibers and change the appearance of the nap. Just press against the stain with a clean terry cloth to allow the stain to rise from the carpet. Then. using a mild detergent such as a hand dishwashing detergent, diluted with water, continue blotting the stain with another clean cloth. If this does not remove the stain, try a chemical carpet cleaner, but first test it on an inconspicuous place in the carpet to make sure it is not going to bleach the carpet or change the colors in any other way. If even this does not work. it is time to call in a professional carpet cleaner, who can use even more powerful chemicals to remove the stain.

For routine carpet cleaning, you have two choices. You can buy or rent a special carpet cleaning machine, or you can have a professional do it for you. The latter is recommended, since they have stronger products and equipment to do a proper job. This kind of overall cleaning should be done every six months.

Source by Andrew Caxton

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