Black Mold Removal – Get Rid of Mold With Borate

If you have urgent need to get rid of mold, try using borate, or boric acid for black mold removal. Borate is salt or ester of boric acid and highly effective against bacteria, mold and fungi. They are low in environmental impact, easy to handle and apply. They are however, highly toxic to fungus species and are capable of affecting the enzyme structure of fungi.

When in contact with moisture, borate is capable of penetrating through the entire thickness of the panel, thereby giving total protection against mold, decay, as well as termites too. This is unlike bleach which is only capable of bleaching the color of the mold and does not penetrate into the roots.

The EPA confirms that boric acid and its sodium salts do not show any evidence of carcinogenicity which is the process of substances causing cells to become cancerous by altering their genetic structure so that they multiply continuously and become malignant. Exposure to them through the skin, eyes, or inhalation is minimal and hence is safe for home use, and hence there is also minimal protective gear required.

There are many environmental advantages of using borate for wood protection. Boric acid is odorless and very effective in protecting wood work from wood rot fungi, termites as well as mold infestation.

It is durable, protecting the wood from mold fungi and parasites over long periods of years with no need for repeat treatments. Borate does not breakdown into byproducts nor does it evaporate. It does not move far beyond the surface soil layer even though it is soluble. By the same token, the same durable feature also applies to borate used on wood.

It is worth using borate to get rid of mold if you need to conduct black mold removal as they provide a healthier alternative which is less side effects than bleach, like respiratory problems. But always know when to call in the professionals when you need them.

Source by Sarah Osborne

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