Build a Home Where Water Damage Is Not Welcome

The American dream is to own a home, and what a dream it is. There is nothing on this earth that will give you more contentment than coming home to your own house and relaxing in an environment that is your very own. If you have the opportunity to build a home, you will be able to express yourself even more by selecting the things that you want to be worked into the design that will reflect your wants, needs, and taste in styling. While these are all fun benefits of building a home, there is something else that you will have the opportunity to consider that will probably be the most important thing of all, and that is putting preventive measures for avoiding water damage in place from the very beginning .

When you meet with your builder, you should let them know up front that it is extremely important to you that everything that can be done to avoid as many issues with water damage as possible in the building phase should be. This may depend on your budget something, but now is the time to discuss your options with someone that can give you some insight to some great ideas. It may also be cheaper to implement some effective precautionary measures now while construction is under way, rather than wait until the house is done and have to pay for something to be redone later.

The first thing that you should pay close attention to is the lot you are planning on having the house built on. If you can help it, you should try to start with a lot that is on higher ground than other properties surrounding the area. The idea here is to build your home on a piece of land that is high enough that draining rain water will not naturally flow towards the foundation of your home, which would probably contribute to flood damage to your home down the road.

If your home is being built where natural draining will flow towards your home, you should definitely have a drainage system put in place around your home that utilizes a series of channels that direct water flow into underground pipes that will carry the water away from your home . Even if your home is sitting on a level lot and you are on a higher point in the area, you may still want to utilize some sort of drain system. When heavy rains come that brings with them flash flooding, it does not take much time before your yard may fill up with water because it can not run off of your property quick enough. This will lead to water damage if flash flooding forces water to your door step. The best way to avoid this is to plan for it from the very beginning by having your builder ensuring that a good drainage system is put in place now.

Regardless of the strain your budget may be putting on you, try not to skimp on the important things that are present with the sole intent of protecting your home from the elements. This would apply to items such as roofing shingles, the gutter system, and even the threshold holds on your doors. It is pointless to put anything of value in your home if your home is not capable of providing protection from the outdoor elements to them. By addressing these things now and making good decisions in the way of selecting materials that will do an excellent job of helping prevent water damage while you are building your home, you should be able to save a little in labor costs and you will be protecting your Investment much better.

Source by Jose A. Dykema

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