Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips

How important is it to have a clean car? Cleanliness in all aspects of living is something for everyone to enjoy, a state of living we should all be consciously aspiring for. Clean in and out, inside and outside the car. A car with gleaming exteriors but muddy seats is no good. Get your act together and take the time to wash your car’s upholstery at least once every couple of months. A little dusting and washing here and there goes a long way.

It doesn’t matter what your car is wearing. Whether vinyl, leather or cloth, the best advice is to remove the front seats so you can work better on them, but the back seats can stay. Removing the front seats should give you more freedom of space to be able to wash them thoroughly. Plus, it also creates space inside the car so you can easily move around while you’re working on the back seats.

It’s time for some real work. Remove the front seats by loosening the bolts that hold them in place, then lay them down on the ground beside the car. Now you can start work on either the front seats or the back seats. Mix a small amount of car soap and water and then soak a sponge into the mixture. Squeeze the sponge so it doesn’t drip. Then, holding the sponge, scrub it gently against the upholstery, making sure there’s just enough moisture in the sponge to wipe the seats clean without getting them too wet. That’s the trick here. Soak the seats with too much water and you’re going to have a tough time drying them up.

For drying, leave the car doors and windows open under direct sunlight. The foam under the cloth should take a while to dry up, but at least the worst part is over: it’s only a matter time before the seats dry up so you can go for a spin around town once again.

Source by Rizza Sanchez

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