Care and Cleaning Tips: How to Maintain Your Oriental Rug

Luxury rugs are more than an item in your home: they are a piece of art. But rather than hanging in a museum, they are a beautifully practical part of your rooms. You would not leave an expensive Salvador Dali painting to decay away unattended. Treat you rug with the same level of care.

Like any valuable investment, protection and maintenance are key. When purchasing a luxury rug, taking steps to protect its beauty will make sure it lasts for years to come.

Protecting your rug doesn’t have to be confusing. Learn about the simple steps you can take today to ensure your rug lasts:

Avoid Direct Sunlight

This tip may be a no brainer, but this simple rule can save your oriental rug from premature aging. The sun can make naturally brilliant colors fade. This will leave your rug with a washed out and dull appearance. If you rug is positioned in the path of direct sun, add complementary curtains or think about rearranging the room.

Use a Rug Pad

Seeing how to rug pulls your room together is a rewarding experience. While your family and guests admire your great tastes, don’t forget every rug needs a good foundation.

A rug pad is placed underneath the rug to prevent slipping and damage. Consider purchasing a rug pad at the same time you buy your rug. Keep in mind, not all rug pads are alike. They can come in different sizes and shapes and are made with varying materials. Some rug pads are best suited for hardwood while others should only be used on carpet.

A quality rug pad will stop the fibers on the back of the rug from being dragged on the floor. They can also absorb extra shock from everyday foot traffic.

Clean Stains Immediately

You’re hosting a huge party. Everyone is having a great time. Then it happens. One of your guests spills red wine on your rug. If a stain happened on your favorite sweater or dress; you would take it to the dry cleaners as soon as possible. Follow the same logic with your rug. Do not let stains sit in your oriental rugs, no matter how small. For tips on how to remove a myriad of stains from nail polish to mud, visit This Old House for a how-to guide on rug stains.

Rearrange Your Rug and Furniture

If your fine rug is in a common area like living or family room, remember to rotate it regularly so the wear and tear is evenly distributed. Consider moving your oriental rug to a less trafficked area if possible. Also, if furniture sits on your rug, move the furniture occasionally.

Professional Cleaning Services

Always remember to sweep or vacuum your rug on a regular basis. Sand and other small particles are some of your luxury rug’s greatest enemies since they are abrasive and can dull its appearance. While at-home care is essential, consider having your rugs professionally cleaned every year or two.

Always complete due diligence on your cleaner. Just because they are a carpet cleaning company, doesn’t mean they will have expert knowledge on oriental rugs. Luxury rugs are made from high quality materials like wool or silk.

As a fine tailor-made suit would not belong in an everyday washer and dryer, your luxury rug should be in professional hands. Check online for reviews and don’t be afraid to ask specific questions when you’re looking for a professional rug cleaner.

By following these tips for cleaning and care, your beautiful rug will stay vibrant for years to come.

Source by Marika Betker

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