Carpet And Allergies

Is there a link between carpet and allergies? In springtime many people suffer from hay fever, caused by pollen. But there are also people that suffer all year long.

Indoor Allergies

One of the culprits may be dust mites. They can live everywhere in the home, including carpets. Many people do not know what is causing their problems. They never think of this because they are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Carpet does not gather any more dust than bare floors, as long as it is kept clean. Regular vacuuming with with a vacuum cleaner that has a hepa filter, that can block dust, and dander, will reduce the amount of dust mites in your home.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets need to be steam cleaned at least once a year, because dirt and dander builds up in the carpet fibers, deep down in the fibers where the vacuum will not be powerful enough to get the dirt and dust out. Deep cleaning will remove all of the dirt from the carpets, and the steam cleaning will kill the dust mites. If you suffer from indoor allergies, you should consider having your carpets cleaned every six months, instead of once a year.

This will greatly reduce the the amount of dust and dander in your house. By having clean carpets and regular vacuuming, can be the answer to your indoor allergy problem. Tile floors and wood floors must also be kept clean. Regular dusting is also needed to further reduce the dust in your home.

Source by Steve Oramey

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