Carpet Care Tips For Home Owners

Caring for your homes carpet can be a difficult task. There is always something in your home to get it dirty or otherwise damage it. If you would like to get the most out of your carpet you should read this short article with some great tips on caring for your homes carpet.

The first tip is to vacuum frequently. I can not stress this enough. If you do nothing else to help your carpet you should do this. Also you should do it correctly. Most people think that they are vacuuming correctly but seldom are. The trick to vacuuming is to take your time. The most efficient stroke of the vacuum is the backwards stroke. You need to this expose all of the carpet to the backward stroke and not do the traditional w pattern of vacuuming. Move the vacuum forward and then straight back and repeat overlapping a few inches. Also move slowly and deliberately. The next tip is to get a home steam cleaner.

You do not want to use this to clean your entire home but they are great for touch ups and emergency spills. Instead of filling the tank with the cleaning solution however you should put the cleaning solution in a trigger sprayer and mist it on the spot. Then use the machine filled with plain water to rinse the spot. This will leave the least amount of residue possible. The last tip I have for you is to clean up spills as they happen. Do not let them build up or they will get away from you and you will give up. Keep some spotter and a rag handy to take care of spots and spills as they happen.

Follow these three easy tips and you will be well on your way to having a long lived carpet. Also remember to call your local carpet cleaner and have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Good luck.

Source by James C

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