Carpet Cleaning

 Carpet   cleaning  could be a very tiresome job if you are doing it yourself.   Cleaning  the  carpet  yourself or getting help from a company is okay but the method to be employed to  clean  and upkeep that particular  carpet  should be right.

One tip to  clean  surface  carpets  is the absorbent pad method.  This is a very simple method that you can do yourself without hiring professionals.  Check online for a more detailed idea of dong this.

The bonnets  cleaning  method is another type of absorbent  cleaning  of your  carpet .  It is not a deep cleaning method and is considered less effective than the other dry cleaning methods though.

The best cleaning method can be the hot water method.  This is really a very useful and effective way for deep cleaning.

Ultimately, if you want your  carpet  that is an expensive item, to be well  cleaned  and at the same time maintain its luster and durability, it is always advised to get the help of a professional  carpet   cleaner .  He would know when to use the hose and which parts of the  cleaning  machine should be used to which particular areas of the  carpet .

People with pets do have some difficulty in maintaining their  carpets .  Pet fleas find  carpets  the best place to nestle.  You can keep your pet pest free by using flea collars and regular baths.  But still you can’t get rid of the fleas completely.  The best way to get rid of pet stains is to  clean  the  carpet  immediately and avoid a further stain to stick there.

A few more tips include don’t rub rashly at a stain on the  carpet , it may spread bigger and become a permanent one.  Usually when you rub you think the stain has been removed but you will soon see it popping up again.

The best way to remove a stain is to press a piece of cloth on it with a heavy object on it and leave it over night.  This would allow most of the stain to get absorbed by the cloth, the rest you can do as a usual cleaning process.

Hair dryers and iron boxes should not be used to  clean   carpets ; they would burn the fiber and will also seal the stain permanently on the  carpet .  It is better to  clean  the  carpets  more regularly by either hot  cleaning  or deep cleaning.

Vacuum  cleaning  of  carpets  is another useful way of maintaining a good and elegant  carpet .  Make sure you remove stains as soon as it happens.  This will help a lot before the stain spreads and become unmanageable.

The main and most important tip could be to maintain a strong door mat at the entrance so visitors would  clean  and rub their footwear at the door before entering thus not leaving any stains under their feet onto your beautiful  carpet .

Maintain a perfectly  clean  and durable  carpet  using the tips that are freely available on the internet or get the advice of your  carpet  cleaners.  Make sure you prevent dirtying the  carpet  rather than trying to  clean  it after stains occur.  Definitely in any case, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Source by Nazima Golamaully

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