Carpet Cleaning – Are You Getting the Best Deal?

In tough economic times, it can be tempting to take advantage of offers by companies who claim they can  clean  your  carpets  for next to nothing. But just as we’ve all heard a million times before when it comes to deals like this – if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

A super low price on per room may seem like an offer you simply can’t refuse. But before you pick up the phone, think for a moment about the company’s motivation. A company offering to perform this kind of service for $10 or so per room can usually assume that each full house  carpet   cleaning  will result in a bill for $50. The job itself will take several hours and a company can expect to complete two full house  carpet   cleanings  per day, resulting in $100 for their work.

But once we take into consideration expenses such as gas, chemicals, employee costs, insurance as well as van and machinery depreciation, that profit shrinks to something in the neighborhood of $20. No company can survive on that small a profit margin and so it leaves you wondering “How do they stay in business?”

The answer is twofold. One the one hand, many companies who engage in this sort of cut-rate pricing often end up tacking on extra costs once they’re in your home. Want special treatment on harder stains? Need them to pre-treat a high traffic area? Want them to guarantee their work and come back if there’s a problem? All of these can easily be claimed as “extra services’ by a company and they charge you for all of them individually, driving up the ultimate cost. Another tactic they use is to cut corners with substandard chemicals or machinery as well as hiring people with less experience who are willing to work for a lower rate.

Once you consider the costs of running a  carpet   cleaning  business that prides itself on high-quality work done by specially trained professionals, it’s easier to understand why the cheapest price isn’t always the best deal. As with many professional services, you truly do get what you pay for. That’s not to say that good deals can’t be had when dealing with professional companies. Many professional  carpet  cleaners offer discounts for whole house  carpet   cleaning  as well as seasonal specials. And they are also a better value since their service is of such a high quality, you will need to pay for  carpet   cleaning  less often. Overall, the best way to get a good deal is to deal with a good company.

Source by Mitchell Baines

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