Carpet Cleaning Business – 5 Ideas For the New Owner

The management of your new carpet cleaning business is the just as important as cleaning the carpets. Many new owners tend to skip over some basic small business management tasks. Usually it's because they're unfamiliar with them or they're too busy getting their new businesses off the ground. Taking the time to get your business properly setup will save you time later on and give you a better chance for success. Here are 5 ideas to help get you started.

1. Get accounting software

There's no way to know if your business is succeeding unless you're able to track income and expenses. Good software not only helps track the business but also automates much of the routine data entry to help save time. This is a good way to get a spouse or older child involved in your business.

2. Get a good tax person

There's no point in working hard to make money only to give it to Uncle Sam. A good tax person can help organize your business and educate you on all the available deductions come tax time. Do not try to do this yourself. The tax code is way to complex. Get a professional.

3. Get a website

Every business needs to be online! If people are looking for a carpet cleaner and do not have a referral from a friend, they usually turn to Google. Setting up a simple website describing your business and how to contact you is getting easier all the time. It does not have to be fancy, just there.

4. Keep a customer list

Keep a list of every customer you serve and what services you provided. This is a valuable resource for future business that many businesses fail to appreciate. It takes 3-4 times as much work to get a new customer as it does to sell to a previous one. Do not let this resource go to waste!

5. Always be open to expanding your services

You may start out just doing carpet cleaning but good businessmen know how to expand their services at minimal cost to increase their revenue per customer. You're already trusted enough to enter their home. Let your customer know all the other things your can do for them to make their house cleaner and fresher.

There you have it! 5 simple strategies to help get your business off and running. A small business owner must wear multiple hats. Remember, you can always hire people to clean the carpets but only you can run the business.

Source by Mike Dinicola

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