Carpet Cleaning Businesses

The overwhelming majority of carpet cleaning businesses are franchise operations. These are privately owned firms who have paid a franchise fee to the main company, or franchisor, for the right to use the company’s name and cleaning methods. The franchisees are trained by the company to use its equipment, products, and methods to clean your carpet. These parent companies are generally well known nationwide and do extensive advertising. Most of them have evolved over decades, so they have compiled a lot of experience in carpet cleaning.

Small, privately owned carpet cleaning businesses that are not affiliated with any franchisor are the next largest category. Their rates are usually lower, because they are not having to send fees in to a franchisor, even though they are having to bear the full cost of advertising and any product research they perform. Many of these owners have worked for one or more of the franchise operations, and therefore have been exposed to many different methods of carpet cleaning, enabling them to choose the one they feel works best or even to offer a menu of options.

You will also find carpet cleaning businesses attached to many stores that sell new carpet. While open to the general public, many offer special contracts to consumers who purchase their new carpet from them. These contracts are typically prepaid, and allow the homeowner to have their carpets cleaned annually at a deeply discounted price.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of carpet cleaning company. Franchise operations are normally more expensive, and many of them are locked in to one type of cleaning method. Some, however, offer more than one method, such as both steam cleaning and encapsulation, under the same banner. In general, however, they tend to specialize in one method, which may or may not be the best way to clean the carpets in your house, since the various methods also have advantages and disadvantages. To choose the method you need, you will need to research all the different cleaning types available and tailor one to match your requirements.

Privately owned carpet cleaning businesses will have a wider range of quality. Some are poorly trained, with little experience in the field. Others provide top notch work. You will also find every method available from the private companies, and some offer virtually all methods. Before selecting a company, you might want to not only check which method they propose and what services are included, but also check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

No matter which method you choose or which of the hundreds of carpet cleaning businesses you decide to patronize, you should verify a few things before allowing them in your home. You want to deal with a company that is bonded and insured, in case damage is done to your carpet or items in your home. Make sure that they perform background checks on all employees, since it is more likely that an employee, not the owner, will be the one performing the work. Ask whether they guarantee their work and how they fulfill the guarantee.

Source by David Patullo

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