Carpet Cleaning – Buy Your Own Machine Or Hire a Professional?

If you need your carpets cleaned, what kinds of options do you have? We all know a professional can be hired to do the job but do they really do that much better a job than you could do on your own if you bought a machine or rented one? The machines the professionals use are big and so heavy that they often stay in the truck so it seems their machines might do the best job.

If you were to go out and buy your own middle of the line carpet cleaning machine, your carpets would get cleaned but probably not as thoroughly as they would by a professional cleaner. Most carpet cleaning machines on the market are about the size of a big vacuum cleaner and at that size they clearly do not have the power of an industrial machine. From this standpoint, the professional's machines will probably give your carpets the best deep cleaning.

You might be doing periodic carpet cleaning or one big clean after it has not been done for years. If you are doing periodic cleaning, buying or renting a machine could be the best option. But if you are doing that big one time clean hoping to restore your carpets to their new state, hiring a professional with the big industrial machine is the way to go. For instance, if you are trying to sell your home and want the best job money can buy, hiring a cleaner should be a priority.

Without a doubt, for the one time big clean, the professionals have the equipment and the knowledge of how to steam clean and shampoo your carpets the right way. The capacity of their machines can not be matched by any machine you might buy in a store. For this you will be paying more to have them come out to your house but for the one time clean it is worth it.

If you have pets though, you will want to proactively keep on top of your carpets with periodic cleaning that you can do less expensively yourself. For the periodic cleaning, buying or renting a machine is an economical choice that is probably the wisest one. There are good steam cleaners and shampoo machines that will do a great job of keeping your carpet fresh and smelling good without the big bill that comes from a professional in a truck.

Source by Brian Jasper

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