Carpet Cleaning – How to Remove Tough Stains on Your Own

Carpets are a very essential part of home or office décor because they add warmth and color to a room in addition protecting the floor and reducing noise levels in the room. However, the biggest problem associated with using them is that they have to be cleaned regularly. Carpet cleaning is certainly an expensive process but it is also time consuming and cumbersome if the carpeted area is very large. It is very important for you to learn how to do spot cleaning of your carpets so that you can take care of any small stains as soon as they occur. Doing this will reduce the need to have your carpets cleaned too often since they will not have unsightly stains.

It is very difficult to prevent stains from happening on a carpet especially if you entertain a lot or if there are pets or kids at home. It is very common for coffee, wine, food and even paint to fall on them depending on what your lifestyle is like. You do not need to panic every time something falls on your carpets and stains them as long as you know how to handle the problem.

It is very common for food to fall on carpets even if diners are careful. Stains caused by ketchup or pasta sauce can look very jarring if the carpet is light in color. You can do spot carpet cleaning by using plain baking soda on the spill. It will foam for a couple of minutes after which you should sponge the entire debris away. Use a highly absorbent paper towel to remove all the moisture left on the carpet and to pick up any remaining baking soda.

Red wine or coffee can look disastrous on a carpet. You need to do first aid immediately if there has been a spill. Red wine responds very well to club soda or to salt. Pour some on the stain and let it absorb all the wine. You can then vacuum the area dry. In case the stain is stubborn you should use a small amount of fabric detergent to do spot cleaning as well. Fabric detergent is also very effective against coffee stains as long as you use it immediately after the spill. Mix some vinegar into the detergent solution and use it to mop up the stain. Lipstick stains can also be removed with the help of a weak solution of white vinegar in water.

There are plenty of home remedies that you can follow in order to keep your carpets stain free. However, there are a few rules that you should always remember while trying out carpet cleaning on your own. Firstly, you should scrape away any solid matter whether it is food, vomit or excrement. You should also dab away at the stain using the appropriate cleaning product and never wipe it because wiping will cause you to spread it further. These carpet maintenance tips work very well with regular vacuuming in order to reduce your cleaning costs.

Source by Gary Davies

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