Carpet Cleaning Methods – Choose The Best One For Your Carpet

Maintaining a  carpet  is absolutely essential as any noticeable spot on your  carpet  can blotch your image. Approaching a professional  carpet   cleaning  service is quiet essential as they know what type of  cleaning  method is right for your  carpet . Depending on the factors such as type of material and whether the fabric can endure the  cleaning  process etc., commercial  carpet  cleaners decide the  cleaning  method. Besides, professional  carpet  cleaners will cause minimum disturbance to your schedule as they are prepared to work as per your convenience.

Discussed below are a few  carpet   cleaning  methods that commercial  carpet   cleaning  services often follow. The most common cleaning methods include shampooing, steam cleaning and dry cleaning etc. Regardless of the method used for the  carpet   cleaning , initially it is necessary to vacuum everything from the  carpet , especially when deep  cleaning  is needed.  Carpet  owners need to understand these methods and identify the most appropriate one depending on their  carpet  type, budget and convenience.


In this cleaning method, following equipments are used: rotatory floor machine also called as floor buffer that comes with solution tank attachment and nylon shampooing brush. Particles like loose soil are removed initially by pre-vacuuming the areas where shampooing is expected to be done. Once the machine is assembled, technicians use it by mixing  carpet  shampoo. The amount of shampoo to be used depends on manufacturer’s instructions. Then the cleaners work the machine in circular motion throughout the  carpet , so that the shampoo is released evenly on the  carpet . The process is continued till it forms letter ‘C’. Then they stop releasing the shampoo and move the machine circularly or in other directions to scrub the dirt away. The shampoo can then be extracted by vacuuming the areas. This method is suitable for  carpets  with traffic pattern or those which are heavily soiled.

Steam or hot water extraction cleaning

This method requires a steam machine, which is used to inject hot water and  cleaning  solution into the  cleaning  areas of  carpet . The machine features wand and hot water solution holding unit. To set up, the vacuum hoses and solution unit are attached to the wand and machine unit. For starting the  cleaning  process, technicians start from far end and then  clean  backwards, release the  cleaning  solution into the  carpet  by squeezing the trigger, while moving the wand backwards. The process is completed by giving a dry pass to the areas using the wand and removing excess moisture. This method is suggested for office cubicles and areas where tight cleaning is needed.

Quick dry cleaning

As the quick drying technique allows you to get back to your routine life within few hours, it is being preferred over steam cleaning. The most popular method in this category is Bonnet cleaning, which is a low-moisture and quick-drying cleaning technique. This method needs the same machine used in shampooing technique but the attachments vary. Here a block driver is used, which is connected to the machine for holding the absorbent pad. The cleaning solution is mixed and dispensed into the pressure sprayer, which can be used to spray in the cleaning areas. To start the cleaning, technicians buff the areas with the bonnet pad and move the machine in circular and other directions. All the dirt and moisture is absorbed by the bonnet and the  carpet  will be set for use in about an hour.

While executing any of these methods the commercial  carpet  cleaners carry few things such as air movers, fans, spot  cleaning  chemicals and removers.

Air movers and fans: While performing the cleaning process it is common that workers occupy the area. They step in and out from wet areas to dry areas making it difficult to dry the area completely. So, to quickly dry the wet areas it is a must to carry the air movers and fans.

Spot cleaning chemicals and tools: Spot cleaning tools are required for areas where strains can be found. Spot cleaning chemicals and tools like gum remover, all-purpose spot remover and rust remover are quiet essential for the spot cleaning.

Request your  carpet   cleaner  to use a protectant at the end of the cleaning process. You can also request them to spray deodorizer. These important  carpet   cleaning  tips will help to make your  carpet  remain  clean  for long and emanate a lingering fragrance.

Source by Jerrod Lack

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