Carpet Cleaning Methods – What Really Matters

If you have dirty  carpet , the bottom line is you want a  clean   carpet , regardless of the way it gets  cleaned . As professionals in the  carpet   cleaning  business, we often get caught up in the method of  cleaning  rather than just focusing on the clients’ needs, which is  CLEAN   CARPET .

When I started in this business 15 years ago, I started with a small machine that fit in the back of a Ford Ranger pickup truck. And I  cleaned   carpet . The equipment was not spectacular, but I did a very good job, and my business grew. I upgraded equipment and all along, and the results for my clients were the same,  CLEAN   CARPET .

It turns out, the biggest factor in getting a  clean   carpet  is the PERSON  CLEANING  THE  CARPET , not the equipment being used.

But, to put some questions to rest, here is some information on the two basic types of  carpet   cleaning , both do a good job and are based on the same concepts. I’m going to explain both quickly so as not to bore you with technical details.

Hot-Water Extraction  Cleaning  Method #1 Portable  Carpet   Cleaning  Unit

Here you have a self-contained cleaning unit that has a water pump and vacuums. Usually, the operator pre-vacuums the  carpet  and moves furniture prior to  cleaning . Then, the  carpet  is pre-sprayed with  cleaning  agents to loosen embedded dirt and spots. Finally, hot water is used to flush out the  carpet , and rinse it  clean . Some portable units, (like ours) use a water heater to assist in cleaning.

This method is not as powerful as a truck mounted unit, but you can get excellent cleaning results using this system. Over the years, we have modified our equipment for even better performance. Often, the technician is the difference, since someone doing a sloppy job will be just as sloppy using a truck mounted system.

Hot-Water Extraction  Cleaning  Method #2 Truck Mount  Carpet   Cleaning  Unit

A truck mounted unit is just that, a  carpet   cleaner  mounted in a truck. Whats the big deal you ask? Well, not as much as many  carpet  cleaners would have you believe. The end result is  clean   carpet , for you, but many of the benefits of using a truck mounted unit have to do more with the operator rather than the end result for clients. Again, many  carpet  cleaners will disagree with me, but its really the technician that does the  cleaning  that makes the difference.

Overall, a truck mounted system is powerful, the one we use has an incredible amount of power, and heat, to flush the dirt out, just like a portable system. We are able to clean many more jobs in a day with a truck mounted system than we can with a portable system. So, it has many great benefits for us as  carpet  cleaners in terms of production.

Well, there you have it. Do you really care? Probably not. You just want a  clean   carpet . We can deliver that as an end result, no matter what system we use, the biggest factor again, is, the person doing the work. That is what makes all the difference.

Source by John Mctighe

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