Carpet Cleaning Methods – Which One Must You Choose

You recently noticed that your  carpets  are stained in many places and in spite of regular vacuuming, there is also a lot of dust that has got accumulated. It is very important to keep your  carpets   clean  at all times or it may harbor dust mites, tiny insects or allergens which can make you and your children unhealthy. Also, the sight of stained  carpets  and rugs are displeasing to the eye. There are so many  carpet   cleaning  methods available these days and how do you know which one is the best for you.

Dry Cleaning

There are specialized dry  cleaning  systems and machines now available for  cleaning  your  carpets  and beautify them. This method is very useful if you want the  carpets  to be  cleaned  and dried rapidly in very less time. ‘Very low moisture’ or VLM techniques are applied to  clean  out the  carpets  by this method.

For stain removal, a pretreatment procedure is done using a chemical or detergent or emulsifier which is applied to the soiled area and left for less than fifteen minutes. Then the dry  cleaning  system is applied which uses high agitation to remove the stains or soil particles that have got embedded between the  carpet  fibers.

This method is best used for offices, buildings or homes which have wall to wall  carpeting  for an extensive area. The technique is quick and rapid and the  carpets  are dry for use within twenty four hours. Though slightly more expensive, this cleaning method requires very less labor when compared to others.

Wet Cleaning

This is also a routinely employed method though not as desirable as dry cleaning as the drying time is high and there is the constant worry of odor and formation of fungi and molds while the drying process is under way. Pre treatment procedures have to be employed here also for removal of stains, soil particles and dust but the application time of the detergent or chemical has to be much longer as the rate of agitation in a wet cleaning system is much lower.

The two common methods that fall under this category is the steam cleaning and shampoo method. The former  carpet   cleaning  technique makes use of a pressurized automatic machine for hot water extraction using dry detergents and crystals to remove dirt and stains. Shampooing of the  carpets  is done using a rotary machine and was the preferred way to  cleans   carpets  till the advent of dry  cleaning  techniques. The disadvantage of using this method is that the shampoo leaves behind powder residues which can attract dirt and hence you will end up vacuuming your  carpet  the very next day after  cleaning .

Household cleaning techniques

Though less effective than the others, there are certain house hold techniques that can be employed for  carpet   cleaning  to maintain them beautiful and free of stains and dust in the long run. One such method is regular vacuuming which can be of great help in drawing out dust particles and soil that get embedded on the outer layers of the  carpet .

There are many stain removal detergents and powders available in the market which can also be used. Make sure that you use it only on a small area at first. Apply the solution or chemical and then leave it to act followed by which you can use a hand held brush to clean out the stain or dirt.

Keeping your  carpets   clean  can be a daunting task but this is necessary to make your home look beautiful and neat.

Source by Gary Davies

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