Carpet Cleaning Products: Important Information About Them

 Carpet   cleaning  products are a must have for anyone who owns a  carpet . They are used for removing tough stains on  carpets . You may not know this but you do not have to purchase expensive products. Common household products work just as well, if not better,  cleaning  and disinfecting your  carpet .

First is dish washing detergent which is ideal for spot-cleaning. You simply mix it with some water and spray it on the stained areas on your rag. You should then use a nylon brush to work it onto the  carpet . Subsequently, you should blot the area with a sponge or dry piece of cloth to remove excess residue and dry the area.

Another of the common household  carpet   cleaning  products is baking soda. It not only  cleans  but deodorizes the  carpet . It is worth noting that you first need to vacuum your rag prior to using the baking soda. Once the loose dirt is gone, you may then sprinkle the soda on the rag and allow it to sit for between two and three hours. During this time the soda absorbs all offensive odors and leaves the  carpet  smelling fresh. After the three hours, you should vacuum the rag again.

Vinegar and ammonia also serve as wonderful  carpet   cleaning  products. Just like dish washing detergent, the two are suitable when you are spot-cleaning. You only need to mix them with some water, spray the solution on areas with stubborn stains then blot with clean cloths or paper towels.

Next time you need to  clean  your  carpet , look no further than your kitchen for  carpet   cleaning  products. You do not have to spend your hard earned money on expensive commercial products. Simply walk into your local department store and purchase these readily available products. They are not expensive and you will be surprised by how well they work.

Source by Chris Cornell

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