Carpet Cleaning Repair – Important Facts

Carpets add warmth, style, and many other advantages to any home – and can also be quite expensive. What’s more, when they are the victim of spills, stains, muddy footprints, and dogs (or other animals) they can be quite laborious to clean. Not only that, but the cleaning itself can add sufficiently more wear and tear to the carpet. Expensive carpets will often still look new over many years of cleaning, but most carpets are of the average kind when it comes to their durability, and soon enough they fade, lose their color, get dents from furniture and many other things. It’s important to remember that over-cleaning will produce the opposite desired result : some people are excessive about cleaning, but perhaps excessiveness about stain prevention is a far better approach.

Most stains are actually not that difficult to get out, and a carpet repair liquid will do the trick easily and quickly. Be careful to follow the instructions of the product carefully, and test it out on a cloth or small area to ensure that it won’t damage the coloration of the carpet. Also remember, not all repair liquids work well with special carpets such as Persian or other kinds of expensive kinds. If you buy a very expensive, rare, carpet, make sure you know how to keep it clean to avoid any stress. Otherwise, cleaner liquids reverse the spilling/staining process easily and restore the color to the carpet. A vacuum after application will get rid of any lose dirt. Some cleaning liquids can even restore color to a carpet if it has been stained by exposure to the sun!

For nasty spills or stains, you need to have the following on hand : an absorbent sponge, paper towels, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, a dull knife, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Use the towels quickly when a spill happens, to absorb the stain and prevent further damage. Use the dull knife and the alcohol to get rid of any stubborn stain left behind (blot it, don’t scrub it) or use vinegar and ammonia mixed with some water.

Sometimes furniture can leave dents on the carpet, which isn’t that difficult to fix. Simply loosen the tufts with a hard bristled brush, while steam ironing the area (ensure you don’t touch the carpet with the steam iron, simply use it to help soften the tufts.) After a little bit of work, you will see the dents come out easily.

Candle wax can be taken care of in a very similar way. Warm the wax up with an iron (once again, don’t touch the carpet) and then remove as much wax as possible. After doing that, place a paper towel over the area and iron on the paper. The wax melts and sticks to the paper, and the stain will be gone after some more applications.

Lastly, often the edges, corners or hard-to-reach parts of a carpet receive less vacuuming. This can cause shading in these areas. Prevention of this is the best fix : ensure the entire carpet is always evenly vacuumed.

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Source by Dave Demink

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