Carpet Cleaning, the Things You Need to Know

Having a clean carpet is more than just healthy, other benefits include: Less odours in your home, prolonging the life of your carpet, and adding value to your property by keeping it well maintained.

From the benefit of my Ten years experience, here are my top ten tips you need to know when having your office and home carpets cleaned.

– ” Prevention is better than the cure” you have heard this many times, and it applies to clean carpets also. Try to vacuum your carpets daily, using a machine that is capable of doing a good job. Vacuum in different directions for the best results.

Keeping your vacuum cleaner maintained is important, you should regularly change bags and containers, and ensure that the filters are clean.

– This one is a must: Have a good entrance mat. Ideally one inside and one outside the door. Shake these mat’s clean once a week for optimum benefit.

– The application of carpet protector is a good choice for busy households, especially those with pets. When carpets are new, they often have a protective film built in, however this does wear off and it is best to have it re-applied approximately every 3-5 years. The benefits of this are:

It makes vacuuming easier, and it helps to repel spillages until you reach for a cloth, thus preventing stains.

– Spills will always occur, when they do, take care of them quickly.

Firstly blot up the spillage with a dry towel, then, gently pour a little water over the area before blotting again.

If this has not removed the spill, use a specific product that is recommended for the item spilt.

Rinsing any products thoroughly using the water and blotting method will stop dust and dirt from being attracted to that spot.

Keeping on top of spillages and stains prolongs the time before you require your office and home carpets cleaned.

– The choice of any carpet cleaning product that you apply to your carpet is important. As much as possible, use the mildest ones available. Harsher ones are sometimes needed on more stubborn stains.

Always read the label of the product to make sure it is suitably matched with your specific spillage, then, test it on an area of carpet that won’t be seen to make sure it does not discolour the carpet.

– Pet odour in carpets is one of the main reasons people have their home and office carpets cleaned. Finding the source of the odour can be a problem in itself. Sometimes is the case that your pet has visited a corner of the house unknown to you.

Help is on hand with the use of a black UV light. Once in darkness, switch on the UV light and you should be able to see any pet urine locations glowing in the dark. Once found, the area should be deep cleaned before using a deodorizer which contains enzyme neutralisers.

– When the time has come for your office and home carpets to be cleaned, it is best to use a professional. There is a difference in the way some types of carpets are cleaned. A professional should recognise your carpet type and know which cleaning method is most suitable.

Although there are many DIY carpet cleaning machines available today, few of them have the power needed to get your carpets really clean. Also there is no substitute for experience, not least, when choosing the best available detergent .

– The traditional, and still most popular method of cleaning carpets is the Hot Water Extraction method. The stages of this method are;

Pre vacuum carpet

Spray all areas with a pre- spray

(this helps to break down the soil particles)

Brush in the pre-spray with a pile brush.

Move over the carpet slowly with the extraction machine, penetrating the carpet with a hot solution and immediately vacuuming out the soiled water in the same action.

The carpet should be brushed to set the pile before leaving to dry.

– There are also dry cleaning methods available when it comes to having your office and home carpets cleaned, one of these methods is called Dry fusion.

Dry Fusion claims to be the only carpet cleaning system that hot cleans, deodorizes, stain protects and then heat dries the carpet. The stages of this method are;

Thoroughly pre vacuum the carpet

Spray the first section of carpet with the dry fusion solution that contains a cleaning agent, a dupont fluorocarbon resin, and natural orange and vanilla extracts to deodorise.

Then the professional attaches a pre soaked pad to his dry fusion rotary machine, (this is a small machine that heats up to 90 degrees, and spins around fast). As the heat contacts the pad, it reacts with the solution, and the soiling from the carpet rises in to the pad.

The carpet is then brushed to set the pile.

Using this method, your carpet can be completely dry in 30 minutes.

Source by P Coulthard

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