Carpet Cleaning Tips to Increase the Life of Your Carpet

When it comes to looking for  carpet   cleaning  tips online you need to be cautious of which ones you take. Some tips include mixing together harmful chemicals and then using the foam to  clean  your  carpet . This can be dangerous as well as harmful to your floors.  Carpet   cleaning  suggestions to help you have a  cleaner , spot free  carpet  without having to spend hours  cleaning  the  carpet  and without having to ban the family from the  carpeted  areas in your home are included in this article.

The best tips you will find in your list of  carpet   cleaning  tips is to be proactive and vacuum your  carpet  regularly. This helps to clear up any dirt and dust you have in your  carpet  helping to reduce the possibility of stains. Trapped dirt and dust can cause a simple spilled glass of water turn into a muddy mess that stains, especially in lighter  carpeting .

When you vacuum you need to make sure you don’t miss any areas. If the area is large you may want to divide up the room into sections so that you don’t miss anything. You would be amazed at how much dirt gets trapped in the  carpet , even though it doesn’t look dirty. Frequently vacuuming will help you to remove allergens also, which helps your respiratory health.

Occasionally you will need to shampoo the  carpet . The best way to get like new results is to pre-treat heavy traffic areas, including the places where people rest their feet while sitting in your furniture. To keep these stain prone areas from looking bad between cleanings you can treat it with a stain and soil retardant.

When you have a spot in the  carpet , treating with a commercial  carpet   cleaning  solution can remove most stains. These come in powder, spray on liquid, and foaming spray forms. If you have children or pets you may want to keep your favorite  carpet   cleaning  solution on hand.

One of the most obvious but often forgotten cleaning tips is to clean up spills as quickly as possible before it can stain. If you have a spill that needs to be cleaned quickly you can use club soda and a white cloth.  Cleaning  the  carpet  with club soda is the most commonly used and oldest  carpet   cleaning  suggestion. This works by loosening up the contents of the stain. Blotting with a white cloth helps to remove the stain by transferring it onto the cloth.

Avoid rubbing a spill, this damages the  carpet  fibers and grinds in the soil making your mess bigger and harder to  clean . The flooring should be  cleaned  by gently blotting any moisture from the  carpet  after picking up any of the larger pieces of debris.

Pressing out a stain can be done by placing a stack of paper towels on the area and then placing a book on top to add weight. This idea has been around for years and is still the best way to soak up moisture in a  carpet  to keep it from souring.

Unidentified stains can be tricky to remove, if you do know what is causing the stain then you can follow the directions for that specific item. If you don’t know what is causing the stain test a small area first, and when you find the solution that works then clean the whole stain.

When you are using any chemicals or treatments that you haven’t used on the  carpet  before, you should test a small area to make sure that it is not going to damage the color or fibers.

If you take care of your  carpet  and follow simple  carpet   cleaning  tips for stain prevention while being proactive in your  cleaning  endeavors you can increase the life of your  carpet .

Source by Christopher W Smith

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