Carpet Cleaning Tips You Should Know

 Carpet  can make a room cozy, soft, and comfortable as well as adding ambience and beauty to your living spaces. There are tons of benefits to having  carpet , including keeping your toes from freezing to death on a cold winter night and being perfect for sleepovers, tea parties, and playing army! Especially when you have children, you might notice your  carpet  being a little dingy, spotty, or just plain dirty. Here are some great  carpet-cleaning  tips to help you keep your  carpet  beautiful!

o When a spot appears on the floor due to a spilled drink, a dropped popsicle, or something similar, there is a bit of  carpet  first aid to remember. The first thing you want to do is flood the area with water. Pour a full glass right on the fresh stain and then blot it with a dry cloth. Blot enough to remove the excess water. For most stains, this will knock them out immediately. However, some stubborn stains may linger, so flood the area again with water and blot it out. This is a great way of removing stains before they are set-in, and this will keep your  carpet  beautiful for a long time.

o Every once in a while,  carpet  may need to be shampooed. This will lengthen the life of the  carpet  and restore it to its original beauty. When you shampoo your  carpet , you probably use a standard shampoo that you like. It’s important to shampoo the  carpet  properly in order to get it truly  clean . After using the recommended amount of cleaner for your shampooer, you run through the entire room, cleaning. Then, you should dump your dirty water and refill it with clean water. It is important to go back over the  carpet  with  clean  water in the shampooer in order to rinse the  cleaner  out of the  carpet . If you don’t, the  carpet  will actually attract dirt from shoes and other places. Rinsing the  carpet  with water is a great way to keep the  carpet   clean  after shampooing it.

o For stains that have set in, use your favorite spot cleaner to clean them. Simply dab it onto the  carpet  and then use a damp cloth to rub it into the spot in a circular motion. Allow that to sit for about 15 minutes or so, and then use a clean, slightly damp cloth to blot the spot out. Once the spot is removed, use a bit of  clean  water to flush the  carpet  in order to remove the  cleaner . You can use a dry towel to blot up the clean water. Make sure that no one walks near the spot until the  carpet  is completely dry!

o The best kind of vacuum cleaners are the kinds with no beater bar. This is because the beater bar wears your  carpet  out very quickly. Considering how often we vacuum the floor, you can see how easy it will be to wear out the  carpet . The beater bar stresses the fibers of the  carpet  in order to fluff it back up. If you want to lengthen your  carpet’s  life, use a vacuum that uses pure suction power to  clean .

These tips will help you keep your  carpet   clean  and tidy!

Source by Kristi Patrice Carter

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