Carpet Cleaning – What Does Green Cleaning Really Mean?

The environment is increasingly at risk because of human activities. It has become more important than ever to pay attention to the effect that we have on the environment, and do as much as we can to minimize and even eliminate the negative effects on our natural surroundings. Carpet cleaning is one area in which there has been an increased emphasis on environmental awareness. Green carpet cleaning ensures that the environment is protected from harmful cleaning products and that suitable cleaning methods are used as well as proper use and disposal of natural resources, particularly water.

Cleaning products

Green carpet cleaning should always emphasize the use of biodegradable non-toxic cleaning products. A lot of cleaning products contain toxic ingredients that have negative effects on the environment. Additionally, these harsh chemicals also have a negative effect on the carpets, making the fibers wear out faster than they should. Getting into direct contact with carpets cleaned using harsh chemicals could also have negative long-term effects, particularly for children and pets. As such, in addition to protecting the environment, green cleaning also safeguards your home and the health of your family.

When purchasing your own carpet cleaning products, it is important to be careful about what you buy. While a lot of products may seem harmless, they may contain ingredients that could be harmful to the environment. Spot removers are particularly notorious for containing powerful chemicals that may do more harm than good, particularly if you consider your indoor air quality. This is because they often leave a residue that pollutes the air. Some of the negative effects you may experience from indoor pollution include allergies, respiratory complications and a weakened immune system.

Cleaning methods and equipment

In addition to the cleaning products, the methods used in carpet cleaning should be environment friendly. A company that uses green cleaning products but whose cleaning machines burn a lot of gas in one hour cannot be considered truly green. The equipment used should be energy efficient. In fact, a truly green carpet cleaner would always be keen to use the latest energy-efficient technology to deliver their services. In addition, the water used to clean the carpets should be disposed of in an earth-friendly manner. There should also be efficient use of cleaning water to minimize water wastage.

Green cleaners

If you are unsure about a professional cleaning company’s environmental consciousness, find out the products they use and then carry out your own research to find out the ingredients they contain and whether they are environment-friendly. You should also ask about the cleaning methods and equipment used on the job.

Being a good homeowner means doing everything to keep the home clean and in the best condition. However, when it comes to carpets, keeping them clean should not mean compromising the environment. Fortunately, with the growing environment awareness, you should have no problem identifying a green carpet cleaning company, and you could also get advice from them on how to select cleaning solutions that are not harmful to the environment.

Source by Michael Bracewell

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