Carpet Cleaning – Without the Use of Chemicals

Many people tend to clean their own carpet because of the recent spills or mud and dirt but sometimes they end up damaging the fibers of their carpets due to the kind of detergent they use. There are different kinds of carpets and they differ from the way they are constructed.

To perform cleaning by yourself can be done but you must follow a few tips in cleaning your carpet. First you must know what kind of carpet do you have, is it made from special fibers or is it made from synthetic to non synthetic materials. This is important so that you will avoid making the damage worst. You can also follow the directions of cleaning according to the manufacturer of your carpet.

Here are few steps to follow in cleaning your own carpet:

First, as soon as the spill hits the carpet, get a clean cloth and start blotting the stain, apply a little pressure when blotting to absorb the liquid and prevent it from seeping deeper in the carpet fibers. Make sure that the cloth seeps the remaining liquid that spilled on the carpet and while blotting do not scrub the stain or else it will probably set the stain further.

Next tip is by using a mild detergent like dishwasher soaps and some warm water. Dilute the detergent in the warm water and with a clean cloth blot over the stain repeat this to remove all marks of the stain remaining on the carpet if this works get another clean cloth to absorb the liquid of the detergent, still do not scrub to avoid making the stain worst.

If there are still marks of the stain on the carpet, you could apply some hydrogen peroxide because it can effectively remove stains and different spills on the carpet but only do this when you are sure that hydrogen peroxide will not damage the fibers of your carpet.

If none of the above worked on your carpet, you should now call professional carpet cleaner to handle the job because they have different kinds of formulated solutions for various types of stains on the carpet. On regular cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner or you can call the professional carpet cleaner. Your carpets should be cleaned at least 2 times each year or when it is necessary. So, if you want to assure thorough cleaning, hire a carpet cleaning service.

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