Carpet Maintenance – How to Keep Your Carpets Cleaner Longer


The most important step in keeping your carpet cleaner longer is to develop a regular vacuum schedule. I recommend you vacuum at least one to twice a week. Your carpet acts as a nesting ground to dust, soil, dust mites, etc. A regular vacuum schedule will limit such contamination. The best vacuums available for 12 volts, with multiple pre and post filters, including an HEPA filter.

Door Mats

Be sure to place door mats both outside and inside all entrances to you home. The purpose of the door mats are to act as a filter to catch soil and other contaminates before they are tracked onto your carpet. Failure to use door mats will require frequent professional carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Spotter

It is important to immediately treat spills and spots. Purchase a carpet spotter from your neighborhood grocery or supply store. Remember to always follow the instructions on the spotter and never to scrub, only blot. Overuse of the suggested application does not improve cleaning / removal results. Contact your local carpet cleaning professional if you have any questions regarding spot removal.


Purchase a bottle of over-the-counter Scotchgard. It may not be as effective as a professional grade, however, effective. Apply the scotchgard as directed on common areas where spills occur the most. The application will help prevent spills from becoming permanent stains.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months and always ask for the scotchgard to be renewed in all areas. It is also recommended that you request for carpet sanitizer and disinfectant. Remember that do-it-yourself cleaning machines are not as effective as professional grade carpet cleaning equipment.

Source by Bruchard Lewis

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