Carpet Maintenance Tips

There is a large trend of homeowners heading towards hardwood and laminate flooring in Santa Rosa but if you are like me you still prefer carpet. No matter what people say or what everyone else is doing there is still no flooring as cozy as quality carpet.

Now, installing new carpet in your home is not cheap. Even if you get it at a discount you will end up paying a pretty penny. And because of this I believe that it is a good idea for us to go over some suggestions any Santa Rosa homeowner can use in order to make their carpet last as long as possible.

Getting Carpet Steam Cleaned On A Regular Basis

Even if you vacuum on a regular basis you should have your carpets professionally steam cleaned once a year. If you live in a particularly dusty area, or get a lot of foot traffic, you should get it done every six months. Spring time and fall time are perfect opportunities to get this service done and there are usually really good specials being offered around town at those times of the year.

Clean Spills Quickly

When you or anyone else spills something on the carpet clean it up as quickly as your can.

Do not rub it!

Take some hot water at first and blot it. This will clean most of the basic stains. If that does not work then research a cleaning product that is designed to get up the exact substance that was spilled on the carpet. Try to stay away from those “general purpose” cleaners as they can do more harm than good. Go for the specialty products. You can buy them online or take a visit to some local Santa Rosa stores that specialize in cleaning products.

Vacuum Weekly

Dirt will get tracked into your carpet no matter what. This may go without saying but you want to vacuum your carpet with a powerful vacuum on a weekly basis. Purchase a good vacuum like a Hoover, Kirby, or a Rainbow (personal favorite). These ones usually have a higher suction rate than others so no excess dirt is left on the carpet after you are done.

Dirt Barrier at Entrance

You need some sort of initial line of defense for dirt. Mats are the most popular and most practical. People who have a mat at their front door (fuzzy ones are the best) reduce the amount of dirt being tracked in by everyone coming in. When people see a mat they immediately, without thinking, wipe their shoes on it. It has become the custom now to remove your shoes when you walk into someone’s one but mats are still a great initial barrier to employ.

Re-Stretch Carpet

As carpet ages due to time and traffic it becomes loose and lumpy. You can fix this by having it re-stretched. You would be surprised by how new it will look once you do this. You can personally do it if you are a do-it-yourself type or you can pay a company to do it for you. It can be done is less than a day. If your carpet is at least 10 years old this is something you want to do in order to renew the life of it.

Source by Wesley A Barras

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