Carpet Stain Removers FAQ

Carpet Stain Remover is among the best fabric stain removers available out there. It is so powerful that your fabric may lose its color. It is usable only with colorfast clothes. Colorfast clothes have colors fastened to the fabric and will not be dissolved if washed with powerful detergent. If you are not so sure about the nature of your fabric, you can do a test run by applying a spray of the stain remover at an area of ​​the fabric that is not easily visible outside. If you find color is lost, the fabric is not colorfast and you will not use this product for your fabric cleaning requirements.

Manufacturers claim the product is without phosphates or bleach. It is a safe option for carpet stain remover. Comes with an easy to spray bottle, you can use it as a carpet spot stain remover. With powerful formula, you need to completely wash the cleaner off from the carpet. Repeatedly apply water over the stained area to completely remove the stain. Specific stain removers are available to treat stains like grease or motor oil stain. Carefully choose the product based on the specific requirement and read the instructions about the longevity of application.

You look for cleaning products of varying types to keep your fabrics as clean as possible. One of the largest household accidents is staining of carpet by spilling of red wine, orange juice or even dirty motor oil. In all cases stains are best treated immediately and with the right cleaning agent. If you have carpets installed and plan to hold parties with your friends, or plan to take in a few pet dogs, you will need a vacuum cleaner and an appropriate carpet cleaner detergent or product fitted for your carpet. If you are not so sure about the action of a chemical on your carpet beforehand, you risk doing more harm to your fabric than you imagine.

Carpet Stain Remover is specifically designed for carpet cleaning. The only thing is you can use this fabric cleaner for carpet cleaning purposes and as a quick home remedy for carpet stain. The detergent also requires the fabrics to be rinsed in water for the complete removal of cleaning agents from the fabric. Same thing applies to carpet cleaning too. Repeatedly rinse the carpet with extra water and completely remove the remnants of the cleaning agent from the carpet.

Almost all types of stain is treated well with Carpet Stain Remover spray, there are also different products for different types of stains. It is also advisable not to mix different cleaning products together or mixing a cleaning product with powerful agents like acid or alkali.

Source by Brian Ward

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