Cleaning Carpets: No-Nonsense Real-World Carpet Stain Removal

Regardless of how hard we may try to keep our  carpets  in top-notch condition it seems an inevitable fact of life that we will all be faced with the problem of  carpet  stains.

 Carpet  stains are even more unsettling to those who have recently purchased new  carpeting . It is very frustrating to have new  carpet  installed only to find a glaring stain in just a month’s time despite your best attempts to avoid that scenario.

In this article, I hope to provide you with the knowledge you need to effectively tackle common  carpet   cleaning  problems.

First, a little about me, after all, why should you listen to me?

The information I am about to share is backed up by many years of  carpet   cleaning  experience both commercially and residentially.

I was a professional  cleaner  and  cleaned   carpets  many times for various office buildings in northeast Pennsylvania. Having been exposed to commercial  carpet   cleaning  it seemed natural to me to spend time  cleaning  my own  carpets  at home rather than hiring the work to be done.

As you might guess, this article is not based on a bunch of theory. It is based on real-life “in the trenches”  carpet   cleaning  experience.

 Carpet   Cleaning  Problems

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the more common  carpet   cleaning  problems you may face.

Some of the most common, and yet intimidating,  carpet  stains include barbecue stains, beer stains, blood stains, coffee stains, ink stains, and even candle wax stains.

Rather than try to go into detail in this article on how to tackle specific stains I have decided to cover the critical subject of process.

I realize you might be thinking that you do not want to waste time on these “basics” and just want to get the stain out now but I assure you it is very important that you learn how to  clean   carpet  the right way before taking on any  carpet   cleaning  challenge. When you know how to  clean   carpet  stains these jobs will not seem nearly as overwhelming to you as they do to most people.

 Carpet   Cleaning  Process

Here is a 4 step process you can use whenever you tackle a  carpet  stain.

1. Remove Solid Particles

Remove all of the loose solid particles that you can. You might want to wear protective gloves when doing this. Here is an example of removing solid particles. Let’s say you are dealing with a pepperoni pizza stain. Don’t begin the stain treatment until you have removed all of the pepperoni and cheese pieces from the  carpet  fibers. Just pick up as much of the pepperoni and cheese as you can and throw it away.

2. Blot the  Carpet  Stain

Start the actual stain treatment by finding out if you can blot up any of the mess with a dry cloth. Often you will find that blotting the area will remove a large part of the stain. Use clean dry cloths. If clean dry cloths are not available you should be able to substitute paper towels.

3. Test Your  Carpet   Cleaning  Solution

Although a lot of household items such as club soda and peroxide can help remove  carpet  stains, it’s important to know first what kind of  cleaning  job and  carpet  dye you’re dealing with.

You need to test the cleaning solution on a tiny area, ideally a spot that is hidden out of the way of plain sight.

To test a  cleaning  solution to determine if it is safe for use on your  carpet  this is what you need to do: apply a small amount of the  cleaning  solution of your choice to a very small part of the  carpet  that no one will see. If your  carpet  does not discolor in this test area you can proceed to treat your  carpet  stain.

4. Remove the  Carpet  Stain

Apply the cleaning solution you’ve chosen into the fibers and blot.

What I am about to tell you now is very important so please remember this. Do not rub when attempting to remove a stain. Always blot. Why? Because rubbing can actually push the stain deeper into the  carpet  fiber. And you certainly do not want to do that!

Blot the solution onto the stain repeatedly until the stain is removed.

Rinse the area with clean water and blot again until you have removed as much water as possible.

Your last step is to keep traffic away from the cleaned area and let it fully dry.

 Carpet   Cleaning  Solutions

Now that you know the process for  cleaning   carpet  stains I want to share some of the  cleaning  solutions you can use. When I say solutions I am talking about the actual liquid cleaners you will use to help break up the stain.

Peroxide works well for  cleaning   carpet  stains caused by blood (but always remember to test your  carpet  first).

For juice stains, ink stains, coffee and other similar stains try club soda or tonic water.

To recap what we covered above in the cleaning process, blot the solution onto the stain repeatedly until the visible stain is removed. When you have removed the visible stain, rinse the same area with clean water and blot again until you have removed as much water as possible. Now keep traffic away from the area and let it fully dry.

I hope you have found this information useful and the next time you are faced with a  carpet   cleaning  challenge you feel better prepared to handle the situation.

If you would like specific  carpet   cleaning  information explaining how to remove several types of  carpet  stains as well as information on used  carpet  extractors [http://www. carpet-cleaning-information .com/used-carpet-extractors.html] I highly recommend that you visit the  Carpet   Cleaning  Information [http://www. carpet-cleaning-information .com] website.

Source by Garfield Benjamin

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