Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine At Your Disposal

Cleaning carpets can be tedious work. Dusts, dirt, stains can stubbornly attach themselves on the carpet making it very hard to clean. Often times, the cleaning process would require the aid of machines or tools combined with cleaning solvents or solutions just to remove that dirt. If you have been cleaning your own carpets, you most likely possess the knowledge and skills to properly clean them. However, if you do not have the time, it would be impossible to finish the job yourself. At this point having a good commercial carpet cleaning machine at your disposal really makes a difference.

If there's a carpet caring handbook, the first thing that you would see is an instruction to vacuum daily. Despite the work and the noise, vacuuming is a very important aspect of carpet care. When you vacuum, you essentially remove more than 80% of the loose dirt. Immediately you'll notice improvements to the appearance of the carpet after you vacuumed.

But vacuuming is still a superficial way of removing dirt and buffing up the appearance of your carpet. However when removing stubborn embedded dirt, you need a different kind of machine other than the vacuum. You need a deep extractor to remove the soil and stains.

There are a couple of ways of extracting the dirt and stains out of the carpet. One is through the dry method of extraction which involves using an absorbent compound mixed with detergents and solvents. This compound mixture is brushed in and around the carpet fibers where it attaches to the soil particles. After brushing it in, a regular vacuum machine can remove the compound and soil from the surface of the carpet.

Another way is by a dry foam extraction technique. This time, instead of using a compound a whipped foam of detergent is applied to the carpet. As the foam sinks in, a wet vacuuming method should be used.

Meanwhile, a hot water extraction method involves using steam to remove the stains and dirt well stuck between the fibers of the carpet. Cleaning with steam means using a pressurized cleaning solution which suspends the soil on the surface of the fiber.

The methods described above needs specialized machines which are just heavy duty vacuum cleaners. If you're going into business as carpet cleaners, you would need to invest on reliable and heavy duty extractors. Larger extractors are quite efficient and can accomplish the work faster than conventional vacuums.

However, bigger extractors can be quite expensive. If one is to invest on a machine, they better be certain that the machine supplier, the brand and the equipment are reliable. Consider also customer service and after sales support. If you're going to purchase such an expensive machine make certain that you will get the best value for your money.

Be aware of the market changes in both the carpet industry and the cleaning sector. New trends on carpet design and manufacturing will influence how the commercial cleaning sector adjusts. The housekeeping professionals might need better ways of cleaning carpets and they will look to manufacturers of cleaning machines to fill their needs.

Meanwhile, the commercial carpet cleaning machine at local appliance centers can be enough for your personal cleaning needs. If you want to apply deep extraction cleaning, if would be best to hire professionals to do the job.

Source by Isabella Smith

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