Coping With Dust Mites in the Home

Dust mites lingering in your home can easily cause allergic symptoms that can be quite heterosome. These microscopic insects thrive in warm and humid environments that have plenty of dead skin cells that can serve as their food source. Try to lower the humidity if possible. These types of allergens are found virtually everywhere even if people do not see them.

Cleaning the home thoroughly and using dust mites treatment on viable breeding grounds are great ways of controlling infestation. They may lie hidden in carpets, bedding and your child's stuffed animals. The waste products from them can cause reactions as well as the insect parts themselves. Both skin reactions as well as breathing problems can occur due to one's sensitivity.

There are specific bed sheets that provide relief from allergy and asthma by keeping these particular irritants from becoming airborne. These encasings cover the mattress and zip closed, creating a barrier between the people in the house and the dust mites. This protective barrier also helps to keep mites from entering and infesting the mattress and bed sheets. Unlike bed covers made of plastic, mite-proofed bed sheets are made of soft, breathable materials that look and feel exactly like their regular counterparts.

Dust mites treatment can also be in the form of control powders that are intended for use on rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture. The powder can either be mixed with water or sprayed to the material or be combined with water and used in a carpet cleaning machine. These types of treatment are helpful and good to use on a regular basis.

There are also anti-allergen solutions that come in spray bottle forms. They are safe to be used for carpets, carpets, curtains, upholstery and even pet bedding. It can be applied after thorough steam cleaning passes and vacuuming every two months. This stainless and odorless formulation neutralizes the allergens bought by these foreign substances.

There are also liquid formula that can be used either for spraying or for steam cleaning curtains, carpets, rugs, and other things that can serve as breeding grounds for dust mites. These liquid treatments are to be used every two months to neutralize the allergens caused by these kinds of mites. Most of these liquid treatments are made from organic substances drawn from extracts of plants, which do not release harmful odors as well as do not cause stains or marks.

Vacuum with a good filter so that there are not any leakage problems. Include furniture, carpets and bedding when you are using a vacuum as well. If family members have allergies then they should be away from the cleaning activity to avoid triggering a reaction.

Source by Jill M Cohen

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