Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning Business

 Carpet   cleaning  business is a good and profitable business. Nobody likes stains on their  carpets . Nowadays, most people have  carpets  in their homes and they want it to be  clean  and continue to look nice. There are people who  clean  their own  carpets . They buy chemical solutions for  cleaning  the  carpets  despite of having no knowledge about the chemicals they want to use on the stains. There are also people who depend on professional  carpet   cleaning  companies. These  carpet   cleaning  business are all the same except for the fact that every company specializes in certain kind of  cleaning  services and are meant for different kind of  carpet  related problems.

There are different methods for  cleaning   carpets . The methods which are used in the industry are both traditional as well as modern.  Clean   carpets  are more appealing to the eye and thus attract the manufacturers and the guests in our households. There are kinds of businesses that are in  cleaning  the  carpets  as well as the methods that are deployed in  cleaning  the  carpets . Here are a few examples of the different of  carpet   cleaning  businesses out there today.

Shampoo cleaning business

Shampoo  cleaning  business involves application of wet shampoo on the surface of the  carpet . After this, it is followed by thorough cleaning with wet vacuuming. This of business has become less preferred due to the encapsulation business. Encapsulation business is considered promising and has set high standards in the  carpet   cleaning  business.


Encapsulation business deals with a  carpet   cleaning  procedure which involves forming of crystals of dirt particles over the  carpet  which is to remove rather than the dirt itself. At first the cleaning solution is applied with machines which have a rotor and a compression sprayer. These types of businesses boast on improving the quality and of the  carpets  handled by them to some or the other extent. The process involved in this method is to implement and is considered the quickest available due to the amount of time that it takes to  clean  the  carpets .

Steam cleaning business

This type of business involves hot water extraction. The solution used in this is detergent based. A lot of time is for the detergent to show its effect and remove stains on the  carpets . After the completion of the step involving the effects of the detergent there is an application of pressurized tool which operates either manually or automatically. This tool is passed over the surface of the  carpet  many times. This makes the  carpet  rinsed and removes any which is particulate and containing any residues, which was not possible to remove earlier by hand.

There are also a few types of small  carpet   cleaning  businesses which are:-

Vacuuming business

Vacuuming businesses equip their  carpet   cleaning  workers with vacuum cleaners to suck up dirt and dust from the surface of the  carpet .

Stain removal business

Formerly, tea leaves and cut grass were considered the most  carpet  stain removals along with lemon, which was considered a ink remover. Turpentine was used to  clean  the  carpets  infested with grease fats from dropped foods.

Source by Jim D Knight

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