Easy Remedies for Cradle Cap

Being harmless and automatically curable, the skin condition known as cradle cap is not taken seriously. Some people neglect it altogether and bear the brunt of some unwanted turn in the disease. At worst condition, it starts passing to the other parts of the body. Or the affected area becomes crusty, scaly and hard thereby looking ugly. All these can be stopped by being a little careful.

One common treatment suggested for cradle cap by the specialists is the use of oils, vegetables as well as mineral. As suggested by them, the oil should be used liberally on the scalp and then left overnight to soak in. Leaving the oil even for lesser time is also not prohibited. Then, in the next day or after a certain period of time, the softened scales should be brushed away with something soft.

In this regard, a soft brush, toothbrush, comb or cloth can be used. However, some people think that this remedy is not ideal. The reason they show is that Malassezia yeasts can survive in oily environments. So, while curing one disease, this method of curing cradle cap may cause harm to the baby in some other way. Besides this, it is risky to use comb or something like this on the affected area as it may worsen the condition.

Using petroleum jelly e.g., Vaseline liberally is also suggested. The Vaseline may soften the scales that can be brushed away after sometime. Making paste from sodium bicarbonate, which is also known as baking soda is another way of treating cradle cap. The soda should be applied on the affected area and left for ten minutes or so. But the thing that is most widely suggested is shampoo. It is suggested that cradle cap affected area should be washed nicely with mild shampoo. This produces good result.

Source by Addam Devin

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