Eczema Treatment – Herbal Therapy Also Works Fine

Eczema is a skin disease which usual symptoms include inflammation, itchiness and red rashes. It is a widespread common disease. But in general, babies are more likely to suffer from eczema. And as baby skin is soft and sensitive, it requires more gentle treatment. There are special herbal soaps which are custom-designed to suit the skin-texture of your baby. This skin disease is also referred to as atopic dermatitis, the most common medical condition categorized under eczema. Most of the eczema treatment methods include application of ointments and creams.

Creams, ointments, soaps and lotions are generally meant to moisturize and cleanse the areas affected by eczema. Whereas the common prescriptions may include oral drugs containing corticosteroids and cyclosporine as the mainstay of eczema treatment, the herbal product line-up may include the more naturally-occurring herbal extracts and essential oils. Advantages with herbal remedies are that they are more gentle, therapeutic and completely natural. And everyone with dry eczema-afflicted skin can benefit from these herbal products with no side-effects.

Flaxseed, by virtue of the presence of essential omega 3 fatty acids, energize many important functions of the body. This oil can either be taken with food or applied on the affected area which allows for faster healing of the itchy rash. However, even with natural oil treatment, consultation with a doctor is advisable, and especially so when it comes to taking care of delicate skin of your baby.

Chinese herbal medicines are much in vogue today. But apart from that, unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, neem oil, emu oil are also very effective in eczema treatment. Some people also like to go for lotions which may contain only natural flower ingredients. Honey body lotion is one of the most recommended soothing lotion for use in cases of mild eczema. Other natural soothing creams can have herbs like chamomile, arnica, calendula along with anti-fungal extracts with a good healing effect.

Source by Addam Devin

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