Emergency Planning For Your Feline

Most animal advocate programs make it a goal to reach as many coastal families as possible in making them aware of disaster preparedness plans for their cats and other animals. The truth is that not only does danger lie in hurricane and tornado riddled areas, but the average home is also at risk for any number of sudden dangers. Fires, floods, and other spontaneous events can cause as much risk at any time as tornadoes cause during tornado season.

The general idea is to just be prepared. There are many options for creating a safe escape route for your family but it is basically impossible to train your cat how to follow the family's evacuation plan. This means that you must be ready to care for him / her in an emergency.

The plan can be elaborate and include an emergency set-up plan for evacuating your pet to a separate location or as simple as having a preparedness kit. Either way the plan should be preparation.

The recommended emergency kit includes all necessary items to pull your pet through a few days of unexpected living circumstances. Sixty one percent of families refuse to evacuate, in an emergency situation, if they can not bring their cats / kittens and other animals along. This is one possible situation when this kit will be handy and most valuable.

What you should do now in preparation is to ensure your cat has a collar with an up-to-date rabies tag and a legitimate, accurate identifying tag. The identification tag should include the cat / kitten's name, your name, home address, all phone number's, and an identification number to an internal microchip (if applicable).

Anyone who may find your cat will need to have accurate information to contact you. You will want to take current picture of your cat and make a list of features, markings, and vital information. Create a file folder for this information. Create a list of hotels that accommodate animals within a one hundred mile radius that is inland to your current location. Create a kit that includes a full three day supply of everything needed to care for your feline, including a carrier, and keep it accessible.

Many people forget vital items such as prescriptions in emergencies. Having at least three days worth of all medications will ensure the safety of your pets health.

Source by Rupert Walsh Quinn

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