Emergency Preparedness – What You Need to Know

If the recent storms have taught people anything, it’s that emergency preparedness is crucial for survival. Whether it’s a storm, flood, a typhoon, a tsunami or an earthquake, individuals must always anticipate the possibility of tragedy and act accordingly. That being said, following are some things one should know about emergency preparedness.

Food and Water:

This one is pretty obvious but unfortunately, a lot of people miss on this one. When it comes to emergency preparedness, food and water should be packaged in a way that is easily accessible and handy. For example, food should be something instant like canned goods that do not require too much preparation. Water should be around one gallon per person every day. Another gallon may be needed for pets.

Equipment for Emergency Preparedness:

A flashlight and radio are incredibly important regardless of what type of emergency a person is facing. They can be battery operated (with extra batteries just in case) or dynamo (crank) operated. Other items that may be needed include knives, wrenches and towels for hygiene. Of course, never forget the most important equipment of all: a first aid kit.

Preparing the Family:

Keep in mind that emergency preparedness should also include informing every member of the how to deal with the situation – especially the children. Ideally, this should be done BEFORE an actual emergency strikes. Families would need to have communication techniques as well as teach children how to provide their names and address in case they get lost.

Important Reminder:

There are actually a lot of things one has to consider for emergency preparedness. One of the biggest mistakes people make during this ordeal is leaving it too late. Emergency preparedness should be done days or even weeks before the actual calamity – especially if it was predicted. For example, the public is usually warned about typhoons before they even enter the area of concern. Hence, try to pack up everything the minute information has been sent and use the remaining days to fill in gaps.

Currently, there are emergency preparedness kits being sold by various companies, allowing individuals to last for as long as three days during a calamity. It might be a good idea to purchase one of these kits when anticipating or before anticipating an actual emergency as they already contain everything a person might need. The sooner they purchased the better would a person fare as they can add more items that they feel the kit might lack.

Source by Gary L Brown

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