Flooded Basements Home & Buildings Safety Precautions

April showers mean spring flowers. It may also mean  flooded   basements . The water may yet to have hit its crest yet by any means. Still you can count on more rain storms, heavy thunder storms and overall rough weather come this spring and summer.

What can you do you to prepare for a  flood  and  flooded   basements  in your home or office? What safety precautions should you take when cleaning up that  flooded   basement ? Clean your  flooded   basement  in an unsafe manner and you could cause damage not only to your property but to your health to your personal and to your family as well,

Many have already experienced  basement   flooding . It really does not matter what area of the country or geography you are located in. You could be in Florida, California or Manitoba Canada. It’s all the same result. Water, a deluge and  flooded   basements . During the spring thaw especially as well as throughout the summer time take precautions to stay safe if water threatens your dwellings lower level.

It is best, if not essential, that before flooding occurs to turn off the main power switch to your home, office or building while staying perfectly clear of anything that can conduct electricity. Remember this can include metal pipes and ladders and even damp wood, rugs and even wet news papers. The next step in this home safety sequence is to move any large appliances that you can to the next higher level of your home. For all that remain raise all you can off the floor using saw horses and tables.

Furnace fan motors, oil burning motors as well as pressure systems can usually be removed and stored. As well take precautions to prevent sewer backup. This can mean backup valves, a sump with sump pump pit chamber is often recommended. Just test the pump to make sure that it works. As well check that the outlet hose is not occluded. More than one home owner has been given the surprise of an unexpected flood when they arrive home – unexpected as they had thought themselves well protected only to find that for simple tests ahead of time would of shown them that either the outlet hose was occluded or over the winter time the pump had been unplugged and was totally non functional. Often these pumps are unplugged at various times of the either to stop them running dry. The electrical outlet is used for another purpose or some member of the family objected to the noise of the sump pump and thus unplugged it. Simply do these simple checks ahead of time. It’s well worth the mark on your yearly spring check up list.

Lastly in the event that your  basement  does  flood  by all means do not try to turn off the main power switch in your electrical panel. It’s downright too dangerous. Serious hazards exist when water and electrical systems mix with each other. If such a situation occurs stay clear of your power switch. It is best to call professional at this point.

You can call your local power company’s service department. If they are too busy solving the host of problems of other home owner’s also being flooded you may have to spring the cash for an electrician.

Source by Kerry Z. Francis

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