Free Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you need to find ways to get and maintain a clean carpet, then this article is for you. It’s not necessarily hard to keep a carpet clean, it just takes the adoption of a few simple habits and a regularly cleaning schedule. Let’s take a look at some tips on having wonderfully clean carpets, year round.

First, let’s discuss some of the easier ways to do this. If you don’t currently have a rug to wipe your feet on upon entering the home, go ahead and buy one. In fact – get two, and put one rug outside the door and one rug inside the door. This will let people wipe their feet off easier, especially if more than one person is coming in the house at the same time. (Maybe it’ll also give a hint to people who missed the first rug!) You can even go a step further – a step very much recommended – and establish a rule of removing shoes before walking on the carpets. This is definitely not always the most popular rule, but even if not everyone follows it, it will help keep the carpets much cleaner.

Another habit to establish “by the door” is keeping a towel handy there – this way, if you have a dog, you will remember to wipe his or her feet when taking them out and coming back inside. It also might be useful for any item that touches the ground that’s gotten dirty, this way it’ll be easy to wipe clean before setting it inside the home.

So far, this addresses ways to prevent dirt from getting into the carpet in the first place. But what about cleaning the carpets themselves? A good rule of thumb to is vacuum once or twice a week – and more if you feel so inclined or if you have particularly heavy foot traffic in your home. This will prevent dirt from sinking too deep in to the first in the first place, as well as dust, pet dander, and other environmental dirtiness. Vacuuming twice a week may sound like a lot at first but the habit is established, it will just be routine, like taking out the trash.

One of the best ways to start keeping carpets clean is to have a professional cleaning service come out and clean the carpets. (This can also be done as a do-it-yourself project by renting the equipment and buying the necessary cleaning supplies and shampoos.) They are going to recommend you have a professional cleaning performed once a year. If this is not possible, shoot once every two years. This will really help the lifespan of the carpet in the long run, keeping it clean and fresh.

Taking extra steps to keep dirt off the carpets – by wiping your feet, taking your shoes off, and so on – as well as regularly vacuuming tied in with an annual professional cleaning will work wonders is keeping the carpet looking new and feeling clean for years to come. So the next time you come inside, take the first action, and be sure to wipe your feet!

Better yet, take your shoes off!

Source by Ben Quick

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