Free Colorado Carpet Repair Guide

I have always enjoyed carpet repairs and enjoyed the easy money even more. I remember when I first started doing them and I thought wow what an easy way to make money and make my carpet cleaning clients happy at the same time. Let’s get down to business. I am going to teach you how to make simple repairs like fixing a cigarette burn or fixing a hole that your pet tore in the carpet. To start we must assemble our very expensive tools. A pencil, glue gun, glue sticks, seaming tape, a bottle of latex glue , piece of paper, seaming roller and a carpet knife. You could literally start a new business for about $20.00 to $30.00. You can find all of these tools at your local hardware store.

First we must have a piece of carpet to use for our replacement piece. If you do not have an extra piece of carpet, use a piece out of your closet. Let’s pretend that we have a small cigarette burn right in the middle of our room. We are going to take our carpet knife (razor blade), and cut out the damaged piece of carpet. I prefer to use a straight edge and cut the burn out in a square, as straight as I can. We now have a square hole in the middle of the room.

Take the piece of paper and place it on the carpet with the pencil on top. Roll the pencil quickly back and forth and the paper will scoot across the carpet in the direction that the carpet nap lies. Do the same thing on the replacement piece from the closet. This way we can make sure that the replacement piece carpet fibers lie in the same direction as the room we are fixing. You might even draw an arrow on the back of the carpet so you don’t forget. Take the carpet square that you cut out and place it on to the backing of the replacement piece of carpet. You can now trace the outline of your carpet square on the replacement pieces carpet backing. Take your carpet knife and cut the piece out and place it in your hole that you created in the middle of your room.They should fit together very tightly. Take the carpet roller and roll over the edges and watch the seams disappear. Now take the carpet replacement piece out and trim off any carpet strings that are hanging. You should also trim off any carpet strings from your carpet hole. Now take the bottle of latex and trace the edges from both the carpet hole and the replacement piece. All the carpet edges are now sealed.

Take a piece of seaming tape about twice the size of the carpet hole and place it inside the carpet hole. Center the seaming tape so that it overlaps the carpet holes edges evenly. Lift up the carpet around the edges of the carpet hole and place a bead of glue under the good carpet and on the seaming tape. This will tie our carpet repair to the rest of the carpet. Place your carpet replacement piece back into the carpet hole. Pull back half the replacement piece and put glue liberally underneath it. Make sure the fibers are not tangled and pinch the edges of the carpet hole and the replacement piece together so that they are as tight as possible. Roll this area with your seam roller and then repeat this same procedure on the other half of the replacement piece.

Source by Keith Wroblewski

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