Go Within And Grow – What Big Media Does Not Want You To Know

“It’s when people don’t go within that they more often go with out.”-TUT

Never was said so well was it?

I can tell you the many times in my life where I’ve felt the most empty, the most off purpose and the most alone is when I am out side myself looking for the answers. Spiritually and financially.

Can you relate at all?

I believe in today’s financial climate that there are more people than ever wondering why they are not rich. Wondering when they are going to get their “big break.”

If you don’t go within to find your purpose, your passion and your drive it won’t matter. The “big break” will become you being “big time broke.”

I believe more than ever that having a “positive self image” is critical in this process.

The challenge in that?

I believe that we are raised by parents (who have been raised by media) as well as the media around us that we’re “never enough.”

It keeps us in a mental bondage.

Need proof?

Media impacts our self image to a point that we are lead to believe that it’s the next pill, potion, powder, exercise machine, diet cola, over the counter prescription drug, etc…etc… that is going to make us happy & content with ourselves.

We’re promised to feel complete but we rarely ever are.

It’s what I call the dreaded “microwave mentality.”

~Buy this now and you will look better.

~Buy this now and you’ll have 6 pack abs tomorrow.

~Buy this now and the women will flock to you.

~Buy this now and the man of your dreams will sweep you off your feet.

~Buy this now and you will “automatically” attract millions

What Big Media is really saying is, “Buy this now and you’re sense of self worth will sky rocket with out you having to do any real work.” (Ok there are lots of “small media that pull this too.)

Now don’t get me wrong. I DO believe in creating products & services of value to people and sincerely filling their needs. I still believe the definition of an entrepreneur is a person who solves problems at a profit. I have yet to figure out what problem Coke and Pepsie are solving if you get my point.

In a “money 1st, principles 2nd” thought process of the masses, where the dollar is more important than a mans moral philosophy, you can’t help but think that a person loses site of their true self which IS morally and ethically more important than the dollar.

However, try telling a broke person this.

It’s a persons philosophy that got them to the point of being broke to begin with but they won’t “own that” and there is a reason behind that too which I’ll get to in one second but first let me explain the philosophy to being broke.

~Your philosophy leads to your attitude

~Your attitude leads to your activity

~Your activity leads to your results

~Your results lead to your lifestyle

If you don’t like your lifestyle you require to go back to your philosophy. Makes sense right?

Unfortunately the masses are encouraged not to take responsibility for their lack of knowledge or implementation of it even if they had it.

Here is why.

They are told, “It’s OK you don’t have the answer, no one ever told you, so let me share with you MY widget or product and you’ll be complete.”

They prey on your ego which loves to keep you separate from the collective consciousness.

It’s smart marketing I have to admit. Prey on peoples strongest weakness.

However, you don’t have to buy into it.

You can go within yourself and find what you’re about and what you stand for. Go within and know you can grow!

You can find that “why” that drives you to get up early every morning and take on any challenge that the world throws at you. You know it’s going to take going through a process and disciplined work.

You know that you are everything that god & the divinity meant for you to be.

SEE yourself as a divine being born with everything they need in order to find their way to fulfillment. Will you be distracted? Of course, become a master of your distractions.

When you see yourself with a positive self image

It’s not knowledge that is power. It’s knowledge implemented into a process that creates wisdom.

To me that is power and its a drive that comes from within. We will become wealthy spiritually and financially beyond our dreams when we embrace this ideal.

To learn more about how to go within and grow go to http://www.empowerment-4-life.com

Source by Tony Teegarden

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