Hair Restoration

Hair restoration surgery is the name of the procedure that is used for hair transplanting. Often people think that it means two different procedures, which is not the case. This procedure demands the services of a hair loss specialist. There are many clinics and specialists available that perform these services. Over the years the results have improved to such a degree, that more people have gained trust in the procedure and are taking advantage of it.

It’s a surgical procedure, but when done properly, although there is some discomfort, it is minimal. Initially you’ll go for a consultation. Several things will take place during that time. First the doctor will assess your particular needs. Not every restoration is exactly the same. Then he will explain what the hair restoration surgery entails and how it is performed. He will give you a estimate of the cost as well.

The procedure is normally carried out under a local anesthetic, and their can be varying degrees of side effects following the surgery. These are usually quite common and are temporary for the most part.

Everybody wants to look good e.g. using fat burn pills to lose weight. Similarly some get hair transplant. The surgery entails removing small sections of hair from the back of the skull where the hair is more resistant to balding. These sections that are being removed are called follicular unit extractions. They can vary in size fro 1-2 hairs up to 3-5 hairs, depending on what section they are being transplanted to. Hair restoration surgery has come a long way in its technology. Once the unit has been removed from the donor site, it must then be strategically inserted in the recipient or the balding area. This is where the doctor has to have some artistic talent. He has to determine which way the hair will lay and what will create the most natural look.

Source by Adeel Shaikh

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