Helpful Advice On Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

You’re making the last minute preparation for a big celebration at home and it hits you. Your  carpet , the traffic lanes look dull and those spots look plain ugly. You’ll just have to get them cleaned. With so many different  carpet   cleaning  methods available today, which one should you choose? It’s not much help scouring checking the internet or yellow pages, because al the companies claim that they are the best cleaners because they have the best cleaning equipment. So how do you choose?

This short article is designed to give you a quick insight into two popular methods of  cleaning   carpets  today and the pros and cons of each method.

Bonnet Cleaning

This is an extremely popular method for  carpet  cleaners because it requires little skill from the operator, the equipment is low cost and the process is quick to perform.

It was first developed to  clean  light soiling from the surface of low pile commercial grade  carpet , where speed and drying times are critical. If your  carpets  are only lightly soiled and you need them  cleaned  on the day of your celebrations, this method is a good choice.

A  cleaning  solution is lightly sprayed onto the  carpet  to start breaking the soil from the surface of the  carpet  fibers. A damp cotton bonnet is placed under a floor-scrubbing machine and rotated over the surface of the damp  carpet . The bonnet agitates the  carpet  fibers helping to release the soils. The bonnet then absorbs the emulsified surface soiling, removing it from the  carpet . When the bonnet is full of dirt it is rinsed with clean water.

Adverts for bonnet  cleaning  claim that your  carpet  will be dry in less than one hour with this process. This is quite achievable because the process uses minimum moisture. If you  carpet  is made from wool or has heavy soil, then this is not an ideal method to use. The agitation of the bonnet can damage wool fibers and there process does not have enough rinsing to remove heavy soiling.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Hot water  carpet   cleaning  has been around for many years and has developed to into a very sophisticated effective process. A  cleaning  solution is sprayed into the  carpet  fibers to release both surface and embedded soiling from the  carpet  fibers.

The cleaning solution is agitated by a scrubbing wand or machine. A rinse solution is sprayed at pressure into the  carpet  fibers to capture the released soiling. The dirty rinse solution is then vacuumed up into the scrubbing wand, through a pipe and into the recovery tank of the cleaning machine.

This  cleaning  process gives much better results than bonnet  cleaning  because it captures more soil and  cleans  deeper into the  carpet . So if you have heavy soiling then this is the method to choose.

As this method is more complicated than bonnet  cleaning  the operator needs to be more skilled in its use and have a greater knowledge of  carpets  and  carpet   cleaning .

Until recently, the equipment was not powerful enough dry  carpet  as quickly as bonnet  cleaning . Typically taking three to five times longer. However the introduction of truck mount  carpet   cleaning  equipment has lead to a dramatic reduction of drying times, with the more powerful machines achieving similar drying times to bonnet cleaning.

The main reason for this improvement is the increased power of truck mount  carpet   cleaning  machines. Portable electric machines are powered by your household electricity supply and so are limited to generating 1.5 horsepower.

Diesel, petrol or liquid petroleum gas generators power truck mount machines. Their power can range from 12 to over 60 horsepower. This increased power allows the use of hotter rinse water, vastly greater water removal. The downside for  carpet  cleaners is that truck mount machines cost 20 to 120 times more than bonnet equipment!

So if you have medium to heavy soiling, spots and spills, truck mount hot water extraction is the process you need to look for.

Source by David S Allen

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