Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself?

Some owners do not spare any expenses when it comes to the home. They are quick to call professionals for help when the small problem arises. Some tasks do require a professional's input, but other problems may be better deal with on your own.

Learning which task needs a professional and which ones you can do yourself may save you a fortune in repair people, unscheduled maintenances, and sudden replacements. Here are some home improvement tasks and the right people to treat them:


Open electrical wires are dangerous and require immediate attention. It can also cause your electrical bills to escalate. Sometimes, new furniture or fixtures might also require you to tweak your system. You might be tempted to install them yourself. It is dangerous for non-professionals to handle something as volatile as electricity. This particular home component needs an expert.


Small drops from leaky faucets may not look like much, but the wasted water adds up when your bill arrives. You can learn the basics of plumbing, but only a professional plumber can do the job right. Homeowners can save in water bills what they might have to spend in professional plumbing. They can also help you avoid unfavorable chores like making sure your bathroom's plumbing is in top shape.


It is tempting to hire an interior designer and have your home comply with the year's design trends. In fact, you might be better off using the money you will pay a designer to buy new furniture and other design elements. You can make sure your home reflects your personality by having a hand on everything from wall treatment to the furniture's layout.

You can enlist other family members to decorate their own spaces or choose areas that they want to decorate themselves if decorating the entire home is too much work. This way, you get your family's input instead of a stranger. Keep in mind it is more important that your home is appealing to its inmates than guests who only drop in on occasion.


Painting your home's exteriors might be a difficult task on your own. The same goes for changing roof tiles or cleaning high windows from the outside. For some of these exterior tasks, you might be better off hiring a professional to do it for you or assist you in working on hard to reach areas.

For your landscaping, hold off on hiring a professional landscape artist and try it yourself. You might discover a green thumb you never knew you had. Gardening is also a good form of stress relief and relaxation. You can also make sure your garden is free from any chemicals professionals might use to keep plants in top condition.

You can improve your home without paying top dollar. It might even be fun to learn some home improvement techniques, but hiring professionals is the only way to go if you need parts of your home to work in prime condition for a long time.

Source by Michael Barrenger Sadler

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