Hiring a Carpet Cleaner Or Doing it Yourself

Your carpets are starting to look dingy and dirty. You decide they need to be cleaned. Do you want to hire a carpet cleaner or do you want to clean the carpets yourself?

Before you make a decision to either hire a carpet cleaner or do it yourself, you need to decide exactly where the carpet needs to be cleaned and how much furniture needs to be moved around before you can get clean carpets. Some rooms in your home may get little use so they may just need a good vacuuming. You can eliminate those. Obviously, you would not need a carpet cleaner to clean your hardwood floors, although some carpet cleaning companies also clean hardwood, tile, your drapery and your upholstered furniture. Kind of an all in one deal.

Next you need to decide if all of the heavily trafficked rooms really need an extensive carpet cleaning or just some spot removal. If they need spot removal, then you could buy an over the counter carpet spot remover and start to work on them. But the problem with this is the clean spots may stand out and make the rest of the carpet in the room look dreary. So you are back to square one.

Now you know the number of rooms that really need the carpet cleaned, you need to decide if you can take on the job yourself. If you do decide this, then you will need to rent a commercial carpet cleaner from your local rental place or even the grocery store, if they have them. You will need to buy the cleaning fluid that the machine uses. You probably will need to enlist all of the children, either yours or some from the neighborhood to help you move around all the furniture so you can properly clean the carpet. Of course read the instructions before you start to clean. Some require pre-cleaning or some other sort of preparation. Next set the AC on cool and get to work. You should do this on a warmer day so you can open the windows so the carpet can dry faster. After a few or maybe a lot of hours, you will have clean carpeting.

The alternative to this is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do it for you. Instead of you moving all the furniture they will take care of it. A professional carpet cleaner will determine what type of material your carpet is made of. They will have the appropriate cleaning solutions for all type of materials. They also generally have their own van or vehicle that is fixed up to contain the water supply. They may steam clean your carpet in which case it should be dry in two to twenty four hours or they may shampoo it. They pre-treat for stains and generally they guarantee their work. They will come back if it wasn’t done right the first, or even the second time. They are professionals and proud of it.

Source by Mike C V

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