Home Remodeling Secrets – Types of Carpet

Carpet provides home and business owners with a cost effective and comfortable flooring solution. Color plays a large role in the visual look and feel of the space, but it is not the only factor. The type also comes into play. Each one is made distinct from the other by the kind of yarn as well as the techniques used during the manufacturing process.


One of the most common varieties on the market today is the durable loop variety. Also called Berber, this flooring is perfect for high traffic areas such as front entries, hallways, offices, and waiting rooms. This style of carpet wears slower than others under heavy traffic. It also cleans easier and hides the dirt more effectively than other varieties because it is made from olefin or an olefin-nylon blend. When selecting this style of carpet, you can choose from a solid or pattern with loops at various lengths. To make this style of carpet as resilient as possible, select styles with smaller loops.

Frieze And Cable

Frieze carpet consists of nylon or polyester yarn that has been spun tighter. Once manufactured, it resembles a shag with more of an urban feel. Because of the way the yarn is made, it does not fray or mat together as easily. Therefore, it will not show wear as easily, making it another ideal solution for high traffic areas and commercial use.

Cable carpeting is almost identical to Frieze with one important exception – it has a heavier yarn that gives this style a more contemporary appearance. It works well in busy areas because its chunky appearance gives the space personality while resisting wear.


Another style frequently seen in homes is textured flooring. While it does not show use as easily as others, it does wear slightly faster than Berber varieties. As a trade off, it requires very little care beyond basic maintenance. This style of carpet is also ideal in rooms that require a little more visual interest.

Pattern (Loop And Cut Pile)

This premier style of carpet uses loop, cut pile, or a mix of the two thread types to create interesting styles, patterns, textures, and colors. In short, the more pattern to this style of carpet, the more expensive it is, but it also becomes more pleasing to the eye. It can have bold colors and patterns or it can be almost indistinguishable. This style is found most often in formal rooms such as a master bedroom or dining room.


The least wear friendly of the bunch is also one of the most luxurious styles. Saxony is a cut pile that gives your feet a lush, comfortable feeling. Having been used in homes for many years, this is another type of premier-style carpeting found in bedrooms and dining areas. It is most recognizable by its even, smooth appearance that is often augmented by rich tones.

Whether you are decorating a small town doctor's office or a townhouse in Chicago flooring will play a major role in that decision. Loop, Frieze, cable, texture, pattern, and Saxony are only a select few of the different types available. By determining the amount of wear the flooring will receive, the visual look you'd like to have, and the texture the space needs, you can compare it to the different styles to help narrow down your choices.

Source by Chris A. Harmen

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