How to Clean Upholstery – Best Ways in How to Clean Stains

Stains are a pain in the backside, especially if you do not have much experience in the simple process of how to clean upholstery. This guide will help you if you have doubts on certain cleaning methods that you routinely use. These tips and ways of cleaning stains serve as a guide or reference for you in understanding the stains in your upholstery.

Clean The Surface Before Applying Anything – It is important to note that before putting on any solution in the upholstery, you first must vacuum it or dust it to remove any dust particles that is lying there. By doing this, you remove any hindrances in the process of cleaning because you never know that the dust particles if mixed in with your solution will damage your upholstery. Another important thing to remember when learning how to clean upholstery is that, in vacuuming, always make sure to clean not only the front side which is the first part you can see but also vacuum the sides, underneath and practically all sides before applying anything.

Stains Can Be Delicate – Stains are not that hard to remove but they are not that easy either. A simple apply and scrub process may be a good way of cleaning, but if the solution you have applied is not what is suited for the task, it might damage your upholstery, or worse, make the stain appear larger. This is a very important fact you must always put to mind on how to clean upholstery.

That is why, you must always remember that stains can be delicate. You must always put to mind that you need to work starting from the mildest, or softest solution, to the strongest one. The usual liquid that is being used at the start is water. Water is very reliable because not only is it cheap and its supply is abundant but because water contains no chemical mixture (some places have a little) which makes it very friendly with your upholstery.

Another homemade solution you can find is adding water with vinegar. Considering this mixture is very cheap, and it will truly help you with your budget and is a quick substitute in case you have run out of cleaning products. Mild shampoos or cleaning products are also good if you want to deal with stains at the start since you still do not know what you are dealing with. If it is not working, try out stronger shampoos or chemical-based products. This principle is very important on how to clean upholstery.

Never, Never, Never – Never use an iron, hair dryer or a heated blower to attempt to dry a stain in the upholstery, because by doing so, you risk your furniture of having a permanent stain or blemish. Never rub endlessly on a stain; if it does not want to go through brushing, you can not force it with using the same method. If you insist on doing the same method even without results, you endanger the fabrics of being damaged which will result in lowering the quality of the upholstery.

A very important reminder on how to clean upholstery is that never go strong at the get-go. Settle for softer cleaning products at first or use water at first. What this will do is play safe for your furniture, and it does not endanger it from being permanently damaged or permanently stained.

Source by Jemma S Woods

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